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Here we go again!

I had my check up yesterday, marker back over 1000! Mind you, I knew it wasn't going to be good as I swelled up like a balloon over the last couple of weeks. I saw my GP last week, and he said he coul feel fluid, so it was pretty obvious! The good news is they can't feel any lumps, so hopefully it's not got very far, scan and drain tomorrow, so fingers crossed! I have a really good consultant, I saw the oncologist within 20 mins of seeing her, and the scan reception were ringing before I got home, she told them she wanted me drained on Wednesday, and drained I will be! That will be a relief,at night the effort it takes to move is worse than a workout!

I'm just trying to get my daughter's school uniform sorted while I have the energy, thankfully, at 14 she hasn't grown out of much, just shoes (yesterday) and some PE kit.

Lol chris

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Dear Chris

Thank you for your comments. Sorry to hear your marker is up as well as the ascites! Pretty dire isnt it. Glad they are getting you drained tomorrow and I am sure the chemo will do what it has to do. Best of luck tomorrow x


Hi Chris,

I am sorry to hear things are not too good, but at least it seems they are moving fast, and not keeping you hanging around..thinking of you and sending you my best wishes love x G x :-)


Hi Chris!

So sorry that things have taken a route that you wouldn't want them to take. But remember, it's a route and it looks as if your medical team have got things in hand very quickly and there Are some good options to look at. I hope the drain will ease things for you, I'm sure it will make you much more comfortable.

Sending you a big hug and lots of posivibes

Love Wendy xx


Dear Chris

I'm really sorry you're having to deal with this but as the others have said it looks as though your oncology team are on the ball with it. I really hope the drain procedure goes well and is effective. Will it mean an overnight stay in hospital or is it something that can be done in the day? it's not something I know much about. I admire you for your 'lol' - laugh out loud. I'm not sure I'd have the pluck to laugh with all that worry but it is the best way to be.

I hope your daughter is also looking after her Mum. I'm sure she is.

Let us know how the drain goes and how you feel next week.

Love and hugs, Annie


Thanks for the message. They hope to do the drain in one day, but have asked me to bring an overnight bag just in case. I have to admit, its laugh or cry for me at the moment, so I'm trying to keep my spirits up....I'm in much better fitness than last time, it it wasn't for the ascitis I wouldn't have had a clue!

My daughter has been fantastic, she has done most of th ironing for me this afternoon, she hasn't even complained at the thought of doing her Dad's shirts! hopefully when I get home she'll have done the dusting as well!!!

Love Chris


Hi Chris,

Just reading your blog and sending you good vibes. Your team are really good and that must help your confidence.

Your daughter sounds a gem and knowing you have got your real family as well as this family supporting you in thoughts and prayers.

Love W :)


This may be a bit late 'cos I expect you're already in hospital but wanted to add my support too. Hope everything goes well.

Chris x x x


Hi Chris

Good luck for tomorrow, I'm so sorry you are having to go through this. Will be thinking of you. I went into remission in June and have my follow up in September, I must admit as it gets closer I worry more. All we can all do is hope and remain positive with the help of each other.

Love Linda xx


Lots of love Chris. Will think of you tomorrow and hope you will soon feel more comfortable.




The medics you have are very impressive! Wish mine were as quick.

Good luck with it all

Love Christine


Wishing you well for today love x G x :-)



so sorry u got bad news... i hope it all works out well.. thinkin abt u and wishing u well.

luv shenx


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