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Timing of follow-up CT scan?

Hi everyone,

This may be a silly question, but: I'm between rounds 4 and 5 of carboplatin (6 in total). I was told that I'd have a follow-up CT scan 3-4 weeks after my final dose.

Today I had an appointment letter in the post to attend a CT scan the day *before* my final round. Whilst I'm sure it's just a random scheduling thing, I can't help but be a little concerned there's some reason they want me to have one earlier. I haven't asked what my CA125 was since Round 2, as I didn't want to get alarmed every time it changed. What are the chances it's elevated enough that they scheduled an early CT scan?

I do have a call in to the oncologist to ask him directly, but in the meantime, just wondered if anyone had an opinion on this, whether or not I should worry.


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I"m certain it's a mistake. Usually they book you in for a scan just after your last chemo - they make the booking after your 5th chemo. Someone somewhere has miscounted.

Betcha. Don't worry. Vx


Thank you! I'm quite sure it must be an admin error, but it's not often that you get an appointment much earlier than expected. Usually the surprise is in how long you have to wait. :) Thanks so very much! x

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Hi Kerry. This happened to me - I had CT scan the week of my final infusion last year when I expected it a few weeks later. I am treated/scanned at the Christie.

I put it down to the consultant being efficient and thinking there is a 5 week waiting list for a scan and then there only being a 2 week wait. My scan results and ca125 were both fine. Good luck with your results.

I'm back for a CT scan this afternoon!

Sandra X x

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Good morning! Thank you so much for the reply! Funny, I'm at the Christie too, and I bet this is exactly what happened. I'm so happy your scan and ca125 came back fine -- and I hope you get the same results today!

All the best,

Kerry xx


Hi Kerry, same happened with me 2 1/2 yrs ago at The Christie...! It's just an occasional glitch in their system and if you let the team know ASAP, they'll rebook it for after the last chemo (or at least that's what happened with mine!) Very best wishes, Sxx

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Thank you ever so much! That's exactly what I have done and I think we should be all sorted now :) All the best, Kerry xx


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