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Back to hospital next week

Hi Thank you to all who replied last time I posted. I go in to hospital next Wednesday for a second total hip replacement. It was due to be done before I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer so it was all put on hold. It has been increasingly painful . I will be glad to get it done but dread another hospital admission. I have had enough of hospitals.....

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Yes we do seem to get a glut of hospitals from time to time. I had to have shoulder arthoscopy in between chemo regimes and you do get fedup. . I just got allergic to my name being called in waiting rooms at one stage. Anywhere but here is where we want to be. Wishing you the best of luck with your operation and you should see some improvement after a week or so.


Hi I have been putting up with a hip that needs replacing for 2 years now and since being diagnosed with Ovarian C I have to put it on the back burner for now. My pain killers really help but don't want to take them forever. Are you having the hip replacement while on chemo or not. regards Maria


Sorry I hadn't responded. No I wasn't having chemo when I had my hip replacement. I am now nine weeks post up. Getting there slowly



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