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Results day today but back in hospital

My wound has been oozing as you know for a while and it was discovered that the bottom layers weren't knitting as they should. So yesterday i have another operation to re open my whole cut top to bottom ,pack it and leave it open with dressings on to heal.

My results are due today also so feeling lets see what will happen.

Lots of love and healing thoughts

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What a disappointment it didn't heal at home. Are you back in Llandough in the same

ward? I hope the op goes well. Do they say why this has happened?

I'm thinking of you today and hoping you get good results.

love Annie xxx


Hi there .. I had wound problems with packing until it healed from the bottom up. I had the District Nurses coming in after the op in September but I didn't have to go back in. It took about three months and I got to know some of the nurses well which was nice. I hope things get back to normal soon ... Sending you all love Tina x x


Hi Carol,

So sorry to hear you are having such a rough time:( hopefully the op will help you heal,

Goodluck with your results, maybe you'll get some better news

Take care

Andrea x x

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You must be really fed up Carol, hope everything starts getting better soon and good luck with your results today. Thinking of you

Love Kaz x x


Wishing you a speedy recovery this time Carol xx Love Kris


You really are going thru' it, but at least it's been treated and you're in the right place. It happened to me once when I had orthopaedic surgery, the entire wound burst in the surgeon's office, but, after it was treated, it healed perfectly. I hope you're home soon with an obedient wound that heals ASAP. Best, Vxxx


Hi Carol, that's really tough for you. I hope that the op goes well this time and that everything heals quickly. Love n hugs to you

Wendy xx


Thank you all, this has helped me decide regardless of the results i am going to take redundancy and then take a few months to get back to full strength before i start looking.

Thank you all for you support it means more than you realise x x



Hi Carol

Sorry to hear you ve had to return to hospital but hopefully things will now heal well. I'm glad too you ve been able to come to a decision that you are happy with regarding your job. Take care.

Sue xx


Hi ,

Hope it all goes well with the healing and I'm sure a break is a good decision . It will take a while to get your strength back ,

Dy xx


Hope your wound behaves itself such a rubbish thing to happen to you, healing thoughts and prayers xxx


Hi Carol,

I hope for a speedy recovery.......fingers crossed! Hugs J xx


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