Looking forward to a hospital heavy week

Finally have the date for the repair of my vesico-vaginal fistula confirmed. This occurred after my hysterectomy for OC last November and means the bladder has "established a communication" with the vagina. In other words, I'm leaking urine via the vagina. Not painful, just very inconvenient. I know I'll have to wear a catheter for a couple of weeks after the op, so having taken advice here, I have a willing slave to wait on me "foot and mouth", books and magazines to read and films to watch. Unless there's a fire I shan't stir.

As it is going to be a joint operation between Gynae + Urol, I have an outpatient appointment with Urology on Monday. On Tuesday I attend the Pre-Admission clinic. On Thursday I get admitted and on Friday I have the op. What should I do on Wednesday? More ironing or hit the bottle?

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  • Dear Citrine

    You're one brilliant lady to tell your tale with so much humour. I can't imagine the next week is looking to be any fun at all for you but no doubt you will find something funny to tell us about your various visits to hospital.

    It must be so strange going back as a patient to a hospital you worked in for over 20 years. Will you want to be bossing them all round sorting everything out? You of all of us will know if they make any mistakes.

    I'll be thinking of you being waited on 'foot and mouth' (ho ho) by your lovely hubby. As for Wednesday - I think I'd go for the bottle - and make it a good vintage!

    Take care. Let us know how your op goes. I can hardly pronounce what you've got. It sounds beastly so no doubt you'll be pleased to get it repaired.

    xxxx lots of love xxxx Annie

  • Ah, thank you Annie for your kind thoughts. I think I'd already answered my own question with regard to ironing versus the bottle. And as it happens, himself came home yesterday with a case from the wine shop

    With lots of love xxxx

  • Hear hear Annie! The bottle every time! A really good red?

    Good luck Citrine!

    Love M xxxxxxxxxx

  • Well if anyone needs any ideas - Pomerol 2007. There's a good cru in Majestic at the moment - but it is for special occasions. I think you deserve that Citrine!

  • Hit the bottle definately ;)

  • yes, its a no-brainer really, isn't it x

  • Hi Citrine, just to wish you all the best and I definitely wouldn't choose the ironing on wednesday love x G x:-)

    Ps your blog has been posted twice you can delete one if you so wish preferably not this one with comments haha

  • Ha, yes, I accidentally posted it twice and I haven't started on the bottle yet. (Lap top is on a go slow and I get impatient and hit things twice.) Love x x

  • I don't think it is your laptop... the site is on go slow I think.... I'm having trouble too...xx

  • I would NEVER choose theironing! Given the choice u would rather clean the cooker but I avoid that with self clean liners LOL!

    Love M!

  • Neither would I Margaret..or cleaning the cooker... come to think of it cleaning in general haha I don't do much ironing most of my summer clothes... I buy the wash and twist garments they are great... and no ironing xx :-)

  • Always knew you were a woman after my heart! If things need ironing I do not buy them! I never ironed bedclothes but Ruth, who helps me round the house changes my bed as I can no longer manage the duvet & bottom sheet without becoming exhausted. She insists on ironed bed linen! So I pay her to take my bedding home and iron it!

  • I really think ironed bed linen is daft you sleep in it once and the creases either come out or you get new creases haha and I only use egyptian cotton so you know cotton creases..but who cares? an electric blanket irons your sheets beautifully. and as for dust it will still be there when I have long since gone...now I sound a real mucky person....but hygiene Yes! ...unnecessary work No!...I once had an elderly neighbour living on her own and she was so houseproud she didn't have time for anything else...If anyone offered to take her out she would say "oh I have to clean my windows" (or whatever) she was very lonely, people stopped inviting her out...they didn't visit her either because they were afraid of spoiling her home ( creasing her cushions e.t.c.) she really died a very lonely lady.

    Besides Margaret we are far too interesting to belong beneath stairs LOL xx G :-)

  • I do so agree! Mind you my Ma is sitting on a cloud somewhere muttering "I always knew you were a slut" but both she and Ruth are all about "looking nice" not true cleanliness and I have to boil my dishcloths after Ruth has been because she wipes the top of my bin with it. I then spray all my worktops with antibac spray.

    I know I am neurotic about infection but the experience of the abscesses and my sisters MRSA have made me wary of picking up infection especially as my Onc said that most people pick up infection from themselves!

    Ah me what a sad soul I am ! LOL!


  • This reminded me..I was once in a hospital (not mentioning the name) staying the night as a visitor...when the cleaner came in the room she wiped the loo seat with a cloth and then wiped the wash basin e.t.c. with the same cloth !!!! I was so shocked that I didn't say anything..but I always wipe everything myself even in hotels you don't know how careful the cleaners are.

    So I might be a candidate for the sad soul club LOL xx G

  • wonderful things those antibacterial hand wipes! never go anywhere without them! LOL


  • A whole case might be going a bit far lol

  • Especially with this problem. I'll save some for later x

  • I agree about the bottle ........just wanted to wish you all the best with next week. It sounds as if it's going to be a bit of a week, to say the least. Let us know how it's going when you're back home and all repaired ............think how good that will be :-)

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thanks Wendy, definitely looking forward to life after the op. I've been so well in every other way so it has been a bit frustrating. Yes, will certainly be giving an update afterwards. Love xx

  • All the best Citrine. I like your attitude!!!!!xxx

    Love Suex

  • Thanks Sue, Looking forward to having the op over and done with

    Love Mary x

  • Good luck Citrine, hope it all goes well and enjoy the wine!

    Love Linda xx

  • I Will !!! Many thanks Linda xx

  • Best of luck. Think you made the right decision for Wednesday! xx

  • Yes, best to enjoy myself before the op just in case I feel yukky afterwards. Many thanks for your good wishes Nandi xx

  • Good luck with your op citrine and enjoy your wine. All the best Kelly x

  • Many thanks Kelly. Just think, this time next week, I'll be carrying the "Golden Handbag" around with me :) xx

  • Hi Mary!

    A woman after my own heart! Good luck with the op! I had a catheter for several days after my op last December! It was perfectly possible to move around (mobility is so important) albeit carrying a bag of pee hooked to a frame did present an 'interesting' phenomenon at meal times but there were several of us!

    Thinking of you and your busy week.

    Love M xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Mary,

    Have a great day Wednesday with your bottle of whatever you fancy. I hope it all goes well the rest of the week.

    You never know if you have a bit too much on Wednesday you won't care what happens after that!!

    Hugs Jackie xxxx

  • Hi Mary,

    Have a good Wed. evening- it really does sound like a plan!!

    Hope the op goes well,


    Anne x

  • Just want to wish you the very best of luck for the coming week, Citrine. Hope all goes well. Enjoy a good rest afterwards - and the wine with your thoughtful Husband.

    Love Solange x

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