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Will I need Wellies in Wales next week?

What a relief. I abandoned this site on Saturday morning, frustrated at being told once again that my log in details were invalid and somewhat alarmed that we seemed to be turning into one of those shouty places where members are more concerned with having the last word than providing support and advice to patients, partners, relatives etc. It was good to return this morning to discover that Health Locked had become Unlocked and that sanity had been restored.

But that’s not what I came to witter on about. I came to witter on about something entirely different. It is exactly two years since I realised that something very strange was happening to my body. This July, instead of bloating and blood tests, we are setting off on Friday for a week in Wales – in a cottage attached to Maesyronnen Chapel near a village called Glasbury in Powys. (It wasn’t designed to be an anniversary holiday. Just the way it happened.)

Now, packing for Wales is usually easy. Waterproof mac, wellies, thick jumpers, gloves, scarf etc. And if its winter, you might want to add the thermal underwear. Trouble is, I’m finding it hard to get my head round that whilst I’m languishing indoors in London dressed in a vest and denim shorts.

What makes is worse is that Mr I T man seriously thinks that I can cram everything I need for a week’s holiday into one small rucksack. An overnight-stay sized rucksack, not even a weekend rucksack. (I can’t believe that he also seriously thinks that I’m going to abide by this.)

Please, if you are in that part of the country, have a look at the weather forecast on Thursday and let me know what it is planning to do in that area next week so that I know whether to pack wellies or sandals in my rucksack and bright pink travel bag :)

Love Mary xx

OMG!! I can’t believe that, the spellchecker replaced wellies with willies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That's got to be the best spellchecker mistake I've ever heard of!(I was about to say cock up, but thought again, then thought what the heck!!!!) can't help on the weather forecast, but have a great time!

Love Chris

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I was going to press 'recommend' because that made me laugh but recommend is so anonymous so I'm posting a post to say hee hee to the cock-up.


I'm trying so hard to resist telling the joke about the man who went into Woolworth's to buy a "protective". The assistant told him they didn't stock them but asked if he'd tried Boots. He said he had tried them but they kept falling off his . . . welly!!

There, I've cleaned it up. Hope it still makes sense :)

Mary xx


ha ha ha to that one Mary. I'm one of the recommends!



Thanks for the belly laugh Mary! I really needed that!

Love Margaret!


I really miss our joke blogger. It was someone on the site a couple of years ago when I first started. We should have more of these but I'm absolutely rubbish at telling jokes. We all need a bl**dy good belly laugh and you deserve one Margaret! xxx

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Hi Mary,

Not sure about the wellies but the way the weather looks all over I hope it will be sandal weather all week.

Have a great time. I haven't been to Wales in years and would love to go back.

Hugs Jackie xxxx


Hello Mary,

Wales is a lovely place, so blow the weather, have yourselves a lovely time, there's plenty to see and do.

We are hoping to get there Sept after my visit to the Oncol.

Have fun.

Love trish x

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Dear Mary

Well I can speak with some authority as I lived in mid-Wales for 18 years prior to moving to Cardiff. It should be wall-to-wall sunshine in Powys next week with temperatures soaring up to 28 deg some days. You will be descending on Wales the week of the Royal Welsh Show so avoid the A470 running from N to South Wales as it will be choc-a-bloc.

Hopefully no need for wellies unless you're going to the Sheep Music Festival in Presteigne where wellies (or should I say willies?) are the latest fashion item. Take sun tan cream, a sun hat, sandals and shorts - but beware temperatures can drop in the evening so a warm sleeved top is advisable in that bright pink travel bag.

Lucky you going to one of the most beautiful spots I know and one where a little bit of my heart still remains. xxxxx Happy travels, Love Annie

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Thank you so much Annie. You've told me everything I need to know.

Love Mary xx


Hi Mary

Hope you enjoy Wales - yes the weather looks to be wall-to-wall sunshine for most of the country this week. I'm off to a cottage in Llangollen for a week on 27th July so hope the sun stays shining for at least another couple of weeks. But even if it does rain Wales is such a beautiful place that a bit of rain would never spoil it!! There, now that I've said that it will most certainly rain for my week!! lol :) :)


Willies. Wellies and is oh so tempting to lower the tone. But being the gentleman that I am, my bar room humour will remain contained. Suffice to say, I hope you have a great time, with the lovely weather holding out thus allowing the wellies to stay at home.

Andy x


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