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CA125 results back and hospital appointment Advice please

Hello everyone hope you are all ok ? My CA125 results have come back as 12 and my levothyroxin has been upped to 50mcgs a day even though they came back as normal. Hospital appointment is for next Thursday 7th April as an outpatient at the Gynae clinic. The doctor still wants me to go to this even though the lump or whatever it is has shrunk and even suggested it may have gone by the time Thursday comes round. What would you do and is 12 a good score for CA125 ?

Thanks Liz x

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Hey Liz!

This is good news the normal range for CA125 is between 0 and 35 so you are well within normal but the marker test is only one part of the diagnosis process and it is important that they make sure that all is well so I would defo keep your hospital apt and let them continue with whatever tests they feel appropriate!! 

Best of luck with everything!


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Thank you for your superspeedy reply yes I think its wise to keep it just in case :)

Kindest regards Liz x


Hi Liz

As D says your CA125 is well within normal range but to be 'on the safe side' best to get checked out and at least that way you won't be left wondering. Hope everything works out ok for you.  Kathy xx

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I agree with Kathy and D, you have nothing to lose by keeping the appointment.  Your125 is within normal range but it is wiser to be see by a gynae as well,  Then hopefully you can get on with your life,  If you didnt keep the appointment you will always be wondering so  its less stressful to go to the appointment,  I wish you the best of luck/


Hi Liz,   I agree with the ladies above.  Twelve is a great number for the CA 125, and I would top it off with the visit to the clinic.  Face to face meetings are always beneficial.  Have your questions ready so that you can put your mind to ease about any concerns you have. 

So glad you're on the upswing!     Hugs, Judy


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