In Hospital with infection

Hi Ladies - I am feeling really low - started last week gagging when eating food even just the smell - called out the doctor and she referred me to the hospital on Thursday - Had a CT Scan and chest x ray still waiting for results - The hardest part is that they have put me on a short stay ward and because of all the activity and noise I cannot sleep - feeling really depressed and just want to cry

Tina xxx

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  • Hi Tina,

    With the lack of sleep and worry you are bound to be feeling down. Is there any chance you can ask to be moved to somewhere quieter? Do you know how long they will keep you in?

    Sending big hugs to you. Many of us have been where you are now and felt what you are feeling. I certainly do! XXX

    Lisa x

  • Hi Lisa - one of the nurses did try to get me on a side ward last night but without joy she felt sorry for me I just want to get on with my last two chemos after surgery. Did you have infection after surgery? xxx

  • I had something called Chylous Ascites, a leak from my lymph nodes following surgery. It had a similar effect I couldn't eat and resulted in hospital stays and a really restrictive diet. It's tough isn't it when you are trying to cope with so many things effecting your body which undoubtedly effect your ability to stay positive. I am much better now and have just finished my 6th and final chemo. I would gently keep pushing for a move. You have so much to deal with and sleep makes such a difference. X

  • Hi TIna

    Isn't hospital the worst place for sleeping? If it's not other people snoring and moving in and out of beds, it's the nurse changeover at 6 am and the v early breakfasts. Absolutely no peace at all. I think Lisa's suggestion to ask for a quieter room is worthwhile this morning if you can find a sympathetic ear. I really understand your need to have a good cry!

    Hope things get better today for you and that the results filter through quickly so you can get an action plan in place. That will make you feel you're getting somewhere again.

    Caroline x

  • Hi Tina big hugs to you, know exactly how you feel after spending some time in hospital recently, when I came home I was shattered! You are,in the best place for the moment (despite the sleep deprivation) hope you get sorted soon and you'll be able to get some rest xxxx

  • Thank you - How are you feeling now?xxx

  • Feeling lots better now thank you xx

  • Hi Tina I too had a stay in hospital and yes it's just noisy with all the hustle and bustle. In my desperate need to sleep the Doctor agreed to my having sleeping tablets which were a huge relief and I did get moved to a ward on my own. Speak to the nurses, they do try and help and will move you if they can. Big hugs Michelle xx

  • O Tina hospitals are necessary to help us fight but they are awful places to rest in ... I had a dementia patient after my op in bed across she would cry out all night for help one night in particular she was saying I just want to die I'm sick of this it was so upsetting ... the next day I was trying to rest and she shouted across I don't know why she is tired she does nothing all day a nurse laughed at me I was humiliated....I was so embarrassed and tried to defend myself ..... I hope that they can move you soon and you get some rest... sending you strength and support 😍

  • Thanks Shelly - similar experience - lady shouting oh why oh why - she is still at it now - maybe I will ask my other half to bring in some industrial ear defenders

    Tina xxx

  • Good idea... it's so upsetting ...your going through so much personally trying to keep your mind and thoughts focused on your recovery treatment etc it gets you down .... big hugs Hun you can do this 💪🏻💪🏻 Let us know how you get on with results etc xx

  • I know it's too late for this hospital visit but suggest you invest in some good noise-cancelling ear phones (they work even if you don't play music through them, although not quite as well) and an eye-mask (you can get contoured ones which mean your eyelashes don't touch them as you blink). It's amazing how being in the dark and having all sounds muted makes you feel cocooned from all around you.

    All the best for some sleep soon!

  • Excellent ideas thank you - looks like I'm going to be in until at least Monday when the oncologist team will be on duty



  • Oh dear sorry to hear this. I am also a non sleeper in hospitals. Is it your wound was infected. This happened me, it was called cellulitis and I had iv antibiotics. Before being admitted I was sick etc etc but got better tg. This was after my first surgery. They gave me sleeping tablets, I drew the curtain round my bed but nothing could make me sleep. When I got home I slept round the clock and woke to my husband shaking me as he got worried. Hope they find you a side ward. Or if you have an ipod ask your hubby to bring it in it will distract you during the night

  • Hi Suzuki still waiting to find out what the infection is - I have a fast pulse and high temp which is indicitive of an infection my temp is slowly stabling but my heart rate is still high - I am on antibiotics I am still getting a gagging reflux when I eat or think of eating - thanks for the tips.

    Tina xxx

  • I had to get a sleeping tablets when i was in worked well had a few good night sleeps with them hope you feel better soon xx

  • Big hugs Hun. Hope you manage to get some sleep and rest tonight. Hope they sort the infection soon for you too so you can get home and get cracked on with your last couple of chemo. It will soon be over. Xxxx

  • I hope you can get just a few hours and you get the right meds to make you better soon. The plastic matttress sheets and pillow covers don't help either do they? Sending hugs x

  • Hi Tina

    Do you have headphones and a mobile? I found that playing music quietly helped to cancel out some of the noise from the war and let me drop off for a bit. Sending hugs and hope you get home soon for some good sleep x

  • Hi Tina,

    I do know how you feel as exactly the same thing is happening to me at the moment.

    I too am in hospital with an infection as have just had my stomach drained with ascites. It is difficult to sleep in such a busy environment.

    Can you ask your Dr to prescribe you a sleeping tablet, it really can help in the short term. Also how mobile are you? If there is a quiet area or waiting room on the ward try going there for 30 mins as just getting up and about from the bed lifts you a little. Don't struggle and put on a brave face tell the nurses and your visitors that you are closest to that you are struggling they will help.

    I asked to see my cancer nurse specialist and had a good cry with her and that helped me.

    It will get better, easy to say I know but hang on in there share your feelings of anxiety and frustration everyone is there to support and help you heal emotionally as well as physically.

    sending you smiles and hugs and remember we are all there with you, you are never on your own.

    Gabsters xx

  • I had a good night sleep last night - they moved me into a side ward because I have diorea - wish I'd had known the night before that's all it took to get a side ward - still waiting to find out what is causing my fast heart rate and temperature - managed to eat some cornflakes this morning - but still have a gag reflux - not actually sick though


  • When i was on chemo i felt exactly like you. D & v , i was admitted & gradually it got better. It was awful i felt terrible. Is it a side effect of chemo or is it a bug?

  • I haven't had chemo for a while as I had interval debulking - but may be that previous chemo had affected my stomach and surgery has weakened it - I'm not sure I will not know until I see consultant tomorrow

    Tina xx

  • Oh Tina - hope you start feeling brighter soon & you can some rest. Maybe, temporarily, they can give you something to help you are in my thoughts & im sending you a big virtual ((hug)) xx

  • Thank you - Sometimes you just feel so isolated your family and friends are all there for you but you still feel so alone in this battle - that is why this forum is so good xx

  • This forum is just fantastic & I know what you mean. I'd like to think most of us on here have supportive family & friends, but sometimes, when you're alone with your own thoughts, you can feel very isolated. That's a good way of describing it. Here...everyone can perhaps appreciate a bit more what it's like, whether it's the physicalities of surgery/chemo/treatment or the emotional & mental anguish. Either way Hun you are not alone. I hope the sun is shining where you are (& you can see it!?)'s a beautiful morning here in the Cotswolds xx

  • Yes its beautiful here in Suffolk xx

  • Tina I feel for you.I've experienced this on many visits to hospital. You need your sleep to face the next day. Try silicone ear plugs they may help. And music on your phone ,and headphones they helped me. On one visit the nurses on nights,used to wheel my bed into the day room so I could sleep. Then take me back the end of their shift,bless them. Let us know how your getting on. Big hugs ,love Meg. Xxxx

  • Tina

    I hope you're situation improves and you start feeling a bit better and can get home to your own bed.

    Hugs Ellsey xx

  • I hope they figure it out babe i had surgery last.month felt ok..1 week later had terrible ear pain...and 3 days later after 2 er visits being sent home as its nothing 3rd day my face looked like i had a i have bells palsey...i believe i was contaminated in surgery but i can't prove it and only focus now is on getting better...its a long long.process...thanking god everyday im alive and finding myself again goals now...florida medical is awful...i have to move back to maryland because the drs here dont toich a pimple on one dr there..get well

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