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Mri results

Results came back good, nothing outside. Have now got to have another ultrasound on the 5th November, to see if it's grown again etc, (4x4inches was big enough I thought!) and see gynee on 18th November...results determine whether I get an op in a month or two months, she did say that when I have the op they are taking both ovaries and my cervix as well, so will be like having a hysterectomy all over again!....bit peeved as got to spend another 3 months maybe feeling sick all the time. Other half was over the moon with results and automatically thought I was better, told him it don't change nothing just means that I don't have cancer outside of my alien and they still need to biopsy it when it's taken out...and so the waiting game begins again!

Hope the ladies that were having scans came back with good results. Xxx

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Great to hear your encouraging news.

I really hope they don't keep you waiting too long. Did you suffer following your hysterectomy before? I found the waiting unbearable and ran out of treats trying to cope with all the scans and appointments.

Good luck with the next scan and hope you continue to have good news!


No scan for me :( there was a powercut at the hospital and all scans were cancelled. Not feeling very happy as seeing consultant on Tuesday to discuss results of scan I've not had.

Congratulations on your results, it is at least reassuring that they are looking after you so well.

LA xx


Sorry Lily-Anne you could do without that...


Ooh - tentative good news then. Hope you get sorted soon. X x


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