Back home after fistula repair

I was discharged yesterday lunchtime and arrived home at 1.00 pm - or 2.00pm - husband hadn't got round to altering the clocks.

I was in hospital a few days longer than anticipated and you will probably be able to deduce from that that something "interesting" happened. And on this site "interesting" is usually not good. "Boring" is good.

I had the op on Friday afternoon. All seemed well the next day, the catheter was draining and displaying the expected mixture of urine + blood in a pretty pale rose wine colour. I had some nausea & vomiting - normal for me post op - but this was soon brought under control with the anti sickness medication. As Sunday wore on, I started to feel more pain and the colour changed to deep red. By night time I was crying with pain and passing heavy clots outside the catheter. All my sheets were soaked in blood. My nurse was wonderful and insisted on calling the doctor on duty. From what she told me, he thought she was making a fuss about nothing but she knew better. Having seen me, he did then feel he needed to consult the Urologists. As the catheter was now draining ok and my pain had decreased, it was decided to "wait and see" at this stage as changing the catheter unnecessarily might compromise the repair.

My GynaeOnc consultant came the next morning. The catheter was still draining mainly blood and he asked if it had always been that colour. I said it had been rose to start off with. He then asked at what stage it had changed from rose to Rioja :)

Most of Monday, although I wasn't feeling great, the pain was bearable and the clots decreased. However, I was still leaking blood & urine outside the catheter. Another lovely nurse on duty said she thought this might mean the catheter was blocked and told me to call her if the pain increased, Which it duly did, The Urologists were consulted again and this time agreed that the catheter should be changed.

In the meantime, there was a suspicion that the heavier than expected bleeding might be due to the clexane injections (given to stop clots forming) which in some individuals causes heavy bleeding. They did a CT scan to confirm that it wasn't an injury due to the op. Sure enough, when the clexane was stopped, the Rioja turned back to Rose. I had a blood transfusion on Tuesday. Nice to get some claret inside. :)

From Thursday morning things started to feel very much better and I improved rapidly over the next few days, being able to walk about with my catheter in one hand. Yesterday morning I was definitely ready for home. It is lovely to be back. Before I went into hospital I hadn't been looking forward to wearing the catheter for 6 weeks but now, having the bag strapped to my leg so that I can walk around with both hands free and being able to empty it myself when I want to, it seems like small potatoes.

Having reacted to the clexane means I'm not able to have the injections for the 28 days following discharge. What a shame!! Because of that it is extra important that I move around as much as possible and wear the TED stockings. My GynaeOnc also reminded me that red wine is good for preventing clots. Every cloud . . .

Sorry for the gory details. It all came good in the end. And thank you so much everyone for all the good wishes you sent me when I went into hospital. I've missed you all and am looking forward to catching up with your stories and chat.

Love and best wishes to you all


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  • Hi Mary,

    So glad you are back, what a horrible time you've had,but all behind you now....onward and upward from now on....sending you lots of love x G x :-/ ;-) :-D

  • Thank you so much Gwyn. Yes, getting better all the time.


    Mary x

  • Hi Mary

    What a carry on .Glad its now been sorted out. Hopefully its all onwards and upwards now.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Julie

    All is going well. I'm getting used to the bag now.


    Mary x

  • What a story, but they got there in the end. Stay positive and keep improving.

    Love n hugs


  • Thanks Viv.

    Everything is going in the right direction.

    Much love

    Mary x

  • Hi Mary

    Hope all continues to go well, think you hadyour fair share of problems! Think I'd stick to the Claret now!!!

    Love Suex

  • Hi Sue

    Yes, its worked so far :) Counsultant said he couldn't prescribe it in hospital but I had a stock at home :) :)


    Mary x

  • Hi Mary,

    You have certainly been through it but as you say red wine is good for clots, may I recommend a nice Rioja, Falstino is my favorite. I hope you are on the mend now. I know how you feel having a bag strapped to your leg when they sent me out of hospital the 1st time I still had a drain in my side and a bag .I strapped it to my leg and wore loose trousers and went to work with it nobody could see it I just had to be extra careful in case it filled up quickly.

    Hope you are not too uncomfortable

    Love Babs x x

  • Hiya Babs

    Thanks for that recommendation. I do like a nice Rioja. Not too much of course as I wouldn't want to be drunk whilst in charge of a catheter :)

    Much love

    Mary x x

  • Hello Mary,

    I am in the process of being diagnosed with same type of fistula. Symptoms picked up by a new GP but I do not seem to be having much luck with regards to consultant as Gp did not know anyone with that speciality . I do not want to be operated on someone with little experience as I have other health complications such as clotting problems. Would you be able to tell me who you saw and at what hospital. You have been through so much and I admire how positive you come across.

    Best Wishes


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