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MRI results

Hi all,

Got my results back and scan showing no visible residue! On 3 month check ups, should be elated I know but just feel numb. Sure it will pass, still feels like all this is happening to someone else and I'm on the outside looking it.

Anyway just wanted to let you all know. You've all been so helpful and kind. I will keep on this site as I've met lots of fab people on here.

Keep up the good work ladies.

Let's kick cancers butt.

Much love

Sam xxx

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Hi Samjane. Well done on your results. Ive just had CT scan results with the same result and to be honest nearly 8 years down the line I still feel like its happening to someone else. I get a 'pleased' feeling but never get excited and can relate to your numb feeling. Take the good news for what it is though, live in the moment which is what everyone should do really. Stay well. xx


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Morning Sam, from what I've read on this site previously your feelings are completely normal. When you're undergoing treatment adrenalin kicks in and you focus on doing everything you can to kick its butt. Then when treatment stops and you're given good news its like you've suddenly hit a brick wall. Your body has been through a lot mentally which is why you feel like you've been on the outside looking in. Once you've had time to digest this good news you will move forward but it will take time, take care Kerry xx

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I think I know how you feel after chemo, surgery and more chemo and then a CT scan when I saw my Consultant he said there was no signs of any active disease. Although I was initially very pleased it's hard to believe and the fact that you know it can and does come back.

We have to enjoy life while we can and hope that this period lasts for ever.



Hi Sam I know what u mean I had mine January and ned you feel a bit in limbo after all chemo surgery etc but just enjoy the freedom from hospital visits and doctors x


Takes time to get back to "normal" but every day gets better, enjoy the freedom x


Great news Sam. So pleased for you. Ann xo


Excellent news though I know what you mean about the numbness and feeling it's happening to someone else. I have 3 month post chemo scans tomorrow and feeling very anxious but luckily a friend is visiting so going out for lunch to distract me! Hope you do some lovely things to enjoy this moment

Madeline xo


Fabulous news good for you darling x


That is good news so hope you celebrate with some nice food and a glass of vino


Hi Samjane,

pleased to hear your good news. I also feel a bit detached about it all, but think that its a coping mechanism for us. Take each day as it comes but look for the positive in life; we cant change what's happened but we can enjoy our moments.


Hi Sam - that's great news! Know what you mean though, difficult to 'let go' and take it all in. Why is it we can't just accept good news when we have it? I know my sceptical brain takes over and I think the worse! Got to ask questions next week because I've been unsure about the results of my last scan. Just 2 cycles left of 2nd line so looking forward to (hopefully) finishing treatment - you see, there I go again being sceptical!


Annette xxx


Wonderful news. Well done!


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