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Travel insurance success!


Hi all

For anyone looking for travel insurance look up (Hubby found them on I think the cancer research site) I was upset that I couldn't find anyone to even quote me for insurance until I was at least 6 weeks post treatment. I finished 2.5 weeks ago and previously a couple of companies said 3 weeks post chemo but are now 6 weeks.

This company has in the last month changed their policy and will now quote and cover people even during a course of chemo!! Hooray!



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Hi Em

Is this just for the UK? Trying to find insurance in Canada... funnily enough to go to the UK.. no such luck!:)

Emsymits in reply to Babbey

Yes. I got a policy for Europe and Spain but they would offer me USA and Canada etc too.


I have used Good to Go insurance for the past 4 years and travelled to New Zealand, Canada South Africa ,Malaysia, Hong Kong, Cook Islands, Indonesia, they did not query travel itinery. I am an oesophageal cancer patient who had the operation 5 years ago I disclosed all my treatment to them and the quote was quite reasonable in the circumstances I am a member of Splash the Portsmouth support group for the Queen Alexander Hospital,medical insurance is always a question raised by members .


Thats useful for future travels. Thanks.

I've used world first several times. I like the fact that they covered all my family 4 adults on one policy against my cancer.


How much did your policy cost.


£147 for two adults and one child for an annual policy covering Europe and Spain. I was expecting it to be much more.


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