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Had my scan yesterday and have had the results today which are not good. Ascites due to some lymph nodes being cancerous hence the milky looking fluid. Have also got three patches on my liver am absoulutely gutted as I have been static for over three years. Am seeing the gynae/oncologist tomorrow to decide what can be done. I have been in bits since this morning going from floods of tears to anger.

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  • Hi Jeanv

    I'm so sorry to here your news. I don't think we are ever ready for things like this, even if we do secretly suspect problems. Your swinging emotional state is completely understandable, hopefully you have a good support network to see you through this next period of uncertainty. I'm glad that the Oncologist is seeing you quickly to discuss options - I think waiting and worrying can sometimes be worse than knowing what is going on. They will hopefully be able to help alleviate your symptoms and aid your return to some semblance of "normality". I am sending you a virtual hug and my very best wishes as you approach your appointment tomorrow.

    Take care. Ali x

  • I am so sorry you got news like this, hopefully your oncologist will have a plan in place to treat the disease when you get to see him or her. To be told you have a recurrence is just the worst thing ever but do remember there are many treatments out there and hopefully after your chemo regime you will again have a long period of remission. I was told there was a one per cent chance of recurrence and of course I was that one percent. It is a worse feeling than original diagnosis, you feel unsecure and unsettled. What I found a help was to go to my local Cancer Support Service where I got counselling. If you are in Ireland contact Arc Cancer Support House, there are a few or they come under a different name. Ask your gynae nurse for information about support or the Macmillan Nurses if you are in the Uk. Mind yourself and the best of luck with your appointment

  • Keep positive thoughts and surround yourself with friends that you can laugh with. I had Ovarian Cancer in the 1980's, and it was so new the Oncology Specialists didn't know how to handle it. I declined Chemo because of what I saw it do to my mother in law when she was dying of Brain Cancer due to Smoking. I had my 2nd operation in 2011 for Vaginal CA, and was only hoping to get to see my son graduate from College. I was under the care of an Ovarian Cancer Specialist for the past 4 years and again since I am a single Mother with a child, I declined Chemo and my Doctor continued to tell me I was fine and without Cancer. Since I had the rapid weight gain of 20 more pounds I went to my family Doctor and he requested a PET scan that was declined, we did a CT scan and I was advised in January of this year that I am terminal with Ovation Cancer. I ran away to Grand Cayman with one of my best friends that has survived Breast Cancer for over 19 years, and we had a blast. She convinced me to do Chemo and I am on my last 2 months one more this month, had one today and 4 next month if my Cell counts pass. I am not working or receiving my Disability Social Security benefits since they refused me until I used all my savings and social security, but I will be spending my next 6-12 months or more traveling and enjoying my true friends and family. Bought a car, sold my home and am now living with my parents. None of us deserve this but I feel that even the bad and difficult times in life, I am still blessed with parents, my miracle Son who is set in business and loves his job. Couldn't ask for more. g

  • I always knew I had it in the lymph nodes , I think it's wonderful u got three years stable , I've been watching for your update , it's always the same once you get a plan in place it will be better

  • My OC reoccurred in the pertitoneum and in the liver. I had a 50 pence piece tumour pressing on the bile duct and a few patches here and there, hence the reason I went jaundiced in 2013. I have a liver stent put in which needs to be changed around 6 months or so and the liver specialist is great and he will drag it out longer if the bloods are good and I am feeling fine. 2nd line chemo of Taxol/Gemsiteabine/Avastin has shrunk those so far and having a CT scan in September after my holiday as I am on Avastin only now and the side effects can be up and down and very erratic each month as what you are going to get.

    All I can say is keep fighting, be positive, it will be ok xx

  • I can understand the floods of tears,it's normal,expected and to be frank it's a bloody awful situation to be in.Ive just been told my disease has progress.Its now in the organs and Lymph nodes have enlarged.Like you it was like being hit by a wrecking ball.I found myself crying If I saw the sun come out,a bird sing,the moon at night because I had myself dead and buried and was going to miss all those things.

    Then last night I went outside my back door and there was a hedgehog,almost gave me a heart attack with fright,I was trying to follow him by sight but there was a heavy mist ,so couldn't see where he was going.I heard myself say "I won't miss this bloody weather!" I stood and thought for awhile about my situation.I had been looking through a dark tunnel,with no light at the end of it and no patrollers to stop me from entering the tunnel.What a stupid eejit I was.

    I'll be starting new chemo next week,then being put on a parp inhibator,I'm not symptomatic,I've a fierce appetite,I'm able to go for walks,do house work,what was all the worry about! We will keep fighting the beast not only chemically but with pure grit and determination.sending you hugs and support.xx

  • Jeany, please watch Chris Wark on YouTube, how he healed his colon cancer with mainly nutrition. He has several survivors that healed there cancer, like 13yr. Megan sherow of brain cancer, Ann Cooper with pancreatic cancer, Courtney Campbell healed Hodgkin lymphoma and many more. There is alot of info out there!! Another person to follow is Ty Bollinger. Wish you the best

  • Oh gosh that cannon ball of recurrence is so harsh. Try hard to banish negative thoughts and try to not let worry ruin the present. Easier said than done though eh? Hope the support and understanding you have on here help and that you have it ten fold in person.

    Take care. X x

  • Thanks to you all for your support. Have seen consultant today and is on about trying Carboplatin as it is a long time since I was on this and is hoping I might not be resistant If this does not help then will try weekly Taxol. I am just so pleased there are other options. Waiting for notification when I will start probably 2/3 weeks depending on the clinics. She is more concerned about lymph nodes than the liver or lung deposits. Am feeling bloated a lot with the ascites. The only good thing is that I can get this drained whenever it gets too much as have a plurex drain fitted. Love Jean

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