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I have just been diagnosed with PPC stage 3. My treatment is planned as 3 chemo sessions, CT review and possible debunking, plus a further 3 chemos. I have been offered a trial of Avelumab in tandem with the normaltaxol/carbo. Does anyone else have any experience of this? I've read up and side effects can be severe so I am not sure whether to go down this route? Any experiences will be welcome.

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Hi , I was diagnosed with ppc stage four in 20115 ,I had three lots of chemotherapy then the debulking then three more chemotherapy. I was diagnosed Ned (no evidence of disease) and was put on caylix and avastin but it didn't work for me as my ca125 was rising. I was then put on weekly taxol for eighteen weeks. I finished that Dec last year ,saw my oncologist in the January and was Ned . Then had CT scan in march as my ca125 had risen to 19 from seven . I was put on tamaxofin tablets but when I last saw onc it had risen to 78 he said the tumor was growing back . I am still on the tablets and see him again on the 10th of July. I am hoping and praying that it's gone down again . I haven't had avelumab. So can't really say about that . Sending you all my best wishes. Julie xx


Juliette, you are a trooper and I hope everything goes away. I too had ppc stage 3, and 18 weeks of chemo also, before surgery and after surgery. We are tough and we will win!

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Thankyou rienesue,yes we will beat this horrible disease. Are you still being treated for ppc . Sending big hugs Julie xx


Thanks very much for your response. It's very frightening times being newly diagnosed after always being fit and healthy before. I'm really not sure whether to do the trial or not. I have researched and it says it's an immunotherapy drug and could cause my immune system to attack my organs. I've got enough issues going on without that. Hope all goes well for you and please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing x x


Immunotherapy has some good results but I think maybe you should go normal route before clinical? I would be on the fence as well


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