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Extra Chemo

Hello Ladies

I have PPC and have had 6 chemo followed my a hysterectomy a couple of weeks ago. Had a call from my surgeon today to say that after a discussion they have decided more chemo is my best option to hopefully clear the Cancer cells on my bowel and diaphragm which were too small to remove during the op.

Has anyone else had more than 6 chemo in their first cycle? Would be really interested to hear from anyone who has and how it affected them. - Maggiex

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Hi Maggie ,I had op first then 8 cemos, you proberly better havin it now hopefully get rid of the little devils ,depends what cemo they put you on how you will feel , good luck anyway its not easy either way ,keep the spirits up xxxx Eily

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Hi, I have PPC. I had 6 sessions of chemo taxol & platin then a big op followed by 3 more sessions of chemo, this was also deemed necessary to ensure all the little cells are zapped. I was lucky after the additional last 3 my scan showed it had all gone. I did find the 3 sessions after the op more draining as my body was still recovering from the op but just took one day at a time and took lots of rest xx


I haven't but I've read on the US forum of women who have so I hope it works for you, as it seems to have done for them. Some have then stayed clear for years.


Hi Maggie, I also have PPC and was diagnosed in late Sept 2014, stage 3C. I had 4 rounds of Carbo/Taxol, which I have tolerated really well, even being able to return to gentle circuit training. I was 4 days away from running a marathon when taken ill in Sept, so I did have a really good level of fitness, which has really helped. Followed by de-baulking surgery, which was not totally successful. Surgeon was only able to remove omentum, there was too much scar tissue to do hysterectomy. As a result I have a lot of disease left, but mainly small 'peppercorn size' which they were unable to remove. Three weeks following surgery I recommenced Chemo, same Carbo/Taxol, and it absolutely hit me for six. Nurse told me Chemo would be tough after surgery but I was totally unprepared. I was in bed for 3 days!!! It took me back to the days before I started my treatment when I was really ill. I have had another 4 rounds of Chemo, and Avastin was added for the last 3. I am just having Avastin at the moment. Other than the first Chemo post op I have had no other side effects, although it did take longer for the bloods to come up to correct levels and on the final occasion Chemo was deferred for a week, as platelets were marginally too low and oncologist not prepared to risk as being on Avastin. I am feeling really well at the moment and after 8 months have started running again. Latest scan shows reduction in the cancer, and no new growth, which is very positive. CA125 has been 36 for the last 2 blood test, would have liked to see a reduction, but at least it is not going up!!! My mantra has been, keep positive, do what you can when you can and don't focus on what you can't do (which has been really hard for me, as I am borderline OCD with my fitness!!) Take plenty of rest and listen to your body. I have found this site so inspirational. Wishing you all the best with your treatment and make the most of your good days. Keep us posted how the treatment goes. Love Fliss xx


In the US here, had "ovarian mass" removed 4/21. Stage IIa Grade 3 OVCA diagnosis 4/25. Started IV chemo (carbo/taxol) 5/28. Will be doing a total of 6 cycles - 3 treatments each cycle switching to IP on the 3-6th cycles if I'm able to tolerate. So essentially 18 treatments, then we will see where we go from there. My debulking surgery was successful, but aggressive type of cancer that recommendation is to fight back aggressively even with clear washings, but some atypical cells........


I have a friend with OC who had the usual 6 rounds of carbo/caelyx. At the end, her tumours hadn't entirely reduced, so she was kept on caelyx. She's probably had an extra 3 sessions now. The onc said he'd reduce her dose but for some reason didn't. She's doing well. Best wishes. Pauline


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