My Ovacome


Its crazy how the dr.'s take forever to diagnose this. I started in feburary with severe stomach pain and a diagnosis of ovarian cancer stage 2a and 10 years ago had pancreatic cancer. So every year I have C test on my blood. I had colonoscopy and catscans and mri's and every test imaginable to see where this pain was coming from. Then they start seeing things. Ya know, "supsicious" things. Then they start blood testing and find my count was elevated then do biopsy after biopsy on different cysts in the abdomen area. They removed my entire left ovary and Fallopian tubes in April. I have most of the symptoms of this ppc cancer plus ovarian cancer keeps coming up under the microscope. I am now on my 6 cycles of chemo- and still my numbers from ca 125 blood test and wbc count is super low. Curious if anyone else's numbers kept changing even when on the chemo.

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Hi Sibby. So sorry that nobody responded to this post which shows what small group we belong to. I replied to your second post and I do hope I helped in some small way. I am much older than you so it will affect you differently emotionally . It is very frustrating that still women are not spotted earlier but now a program to make GP s more aware of these diseases is being put in place in Ireland. I was lucky that in 2011 an eagle eyed locum realised that my large tummy was not fat and that what was for years being diagnosed was IBS was something more sinister. I wish for you a positive outcome xx

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