Small intestine thickened with cancer

The third line chemo is not working on some resistant cancer smothering my small intestine. Has anyone else had cancer there? There is not much of it but it is enough to tie the small intestine up so it doesn't work as well. The outlook is for it to block completely and they tell me it's very unlikely they could do a meaningful operation which in other words means I will then die. Any ideas or glimmers of hope for me would be appreciated.

They have stopped the Carbo/Caelyx and I have the option of going on Taxol (weekly), Eptopisode or Topetecan. All of these have a 10% chance of working. I am not optimistic myself. Help!

I'm going to see Prof. Gore at the Royal Marsden for a second opinion Friday.

Lovis x

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  • Hi lovis, had you been having any symptoms and was your ca125 coming down, I've been on caelyx too and get my scan results tomorrow which I'm dreading as not sure mine been working either. There seem to be a lot of trials on going at the moment so maybe one of those will be better for you, wishing you all the best x

  • Oh dear, what a worry for you. Haven't had this problem so can't really help, except to send you lots if positive vibes and say that you couldn't be seeing a better person than Prof Gore, feel sure he will be able to offer a solution, do let us know how you get on.

    JACKIEO xx

  • Hi there .. I have it in my small intestine and mesentery there. I was referred to the hospice and I doubt I'll get another op. I was given bowel management medication which literally changed my life last year. I've had quite a few blockages and the medication has helped me avoid yet another. Xx

  • What medication did they give you? Was it laxatives or something else? Lovis xx

  • Hi Lovis. I have disease scattered on my large and small intestines, which has caused me no end of problems. Never had a complete blockage but had plenty of partial blockages and dealt with these over several years with a combination of a low fibre diet and laxatives.

    In my case when things progressed so this was no longer enough, the Marsden operated and gave me an ileostomy so bypassing the problem areas. This has come with its own problems and really they see it as a last resort but it has worked for me.

    Hope you get some joy from your referral on Friday.

    All best wishes to you

    Lynne xxxx

  • Hi Lovis, you know I can't offer any advice, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for you


  • As am I xxxx

  • Fingers crossed from me as well


  • Everything crossed, sending love and luck. Xxx

  • Hi Lovis. Just want to wish you luck. Having had a partial blockage when going through first lne, my fear is that it will happen again. I do hope you get some joy when you go to the Royal Marsden on Friday. Ann xo

  • Hi Lovis. I am so sorry you have this worry. Prof Gore is one of the best so I do hope he

    comes up with something for you. Georgie x

  • Surgery , ask for surgery . Chemo is useless

  • Good luck Lovis I haven't had this problem so can't advise, good luck with Prof Gore hopefully he can add another dimension for you xxxxx

  • Hi Lovis,

    I don't know you but I just want to send you my warm wishes and hope you have a good consult with the prof. From what I hear on this forum there's a lot of respect for the guy.

    Xxxx fiona

  • Hi Lovis, sorry I can't give any advice, just sending love and best wishes.

    Mary xxx

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