Newly diagnosed with vaginal cancer

Hi. I'm Kelly and new here. Have been reading all the posts quietly and letting it all sink in. I had and recovered from cervical cancer in 2005 and considering what many have gone through on here it was a doddle. 7 weeks of radiotherapy and weekly chemo. I thought great I did it. Now 7 years almost to the day I have been diagnosed with cancer again. This time further down. Squamous sarcoma which I learned today is in a very awkward place to treat. So they are starting me on 3 rounds of chemo, 1 every 3 weeks to try and shrink it so they may have the option to operate(pelvic exenteratiion) not such a doddle this time I'm thinking. Tis some tough times ahead and I'm glad I found this site as I can relate to others who also are going through what I am. Kelly :)

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  • Hi Kelly,

    Sorry to hear your cancer is back...welcome to this site you will get a lot of support from the lovely ladies on here...I am sending you love and best wishes x G x :-)

  • Dera Kelly

    You must be feeling pretty shitty at the moment. At least you have found us - there'll be plenty more comments to cheer you up and give you loads of support. When do you start your chemotherapy?

    Sending loads of love xx Annie

  • Hi Kelly

    Sorry you have had to come to join our club, but as others have said, you will get lots of support for all those moments when you feel unsure or just want to share good news or a bad moment. You may also find the literature on the Eve Appeal website is quite informative on vaginal cancer. The Eve Appeal is more of a Lobbying group, also they look into fundraising for research. It has a different focus to its work than Ovacome but I think they do info sheets on their website about all the Gynae cancers. They may give you a bit more info on there.

    All the best for your treatment, do let us know how things are going with it all.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thanks for your replies, means a lot. Annie I start my chemo in the next 2 weeks. I had my 1st oncology appt today so after a month of wondering what they were going to do. I finally have a start. Must say I am worried because it is in the hardest place to treat so my specialist tells me. Fingers crossed that this chemo will shrink it enough so they can operate. Has been a tough few weeks with the symptoms driving me up the wall not being able to sit and not being able to stand for too long. I have lost about a stone over the last month or 2 so I'm down to 7 stone ish. Can anyone tell me what foods are best to help build myself up for my chemo? From what I have seen of blogs here I'm not sorry I found this site even though it isn't for the greatest of reasons I did :) thank you all x hugs back x

  • Hi Kelly

    Welcome and so sorry that you have needed us. Waiting is awful and something we all find difficult.

    There is an American site called Hystersisters Cancer Concerns that has ladies going through all different types of gynae cancers. You might want to consider joining that too , but obviously the culture and humour is different.

    As far as building yourself up, you probably need to take in more calories if you can, so energy dense foods like cakes and chocolate should help alot. I put on a stone surprisingly quickly, semi intentionally , from an extra cheese filled croissant and a full fat cappucino per day !

    Once your treatment gets started you will feel more comfortable I'm sure. Try to keep your strength by gentle exercise outdoors and lots of treats.

    Take care and do let us know how you get on.


    Charlie xxxx

  • Hi, Welcome to the site. I couldn't eat much during my chemo and was advised by

    my chemo Dr to eat lots of choc and cakes - things with lots of calories. if you dont

    feel very hungry little often was their advice to me.

    Good luck with your treatment and anything causing you problems when your

    treatment begins - i'm sure some of us will be able to advise you with.

    Angie X

  • Hi Kelly,

    Just wanted to say hi. The other ladies have Already given you lots of good advice so keep coming back on here for support and reassurance. It is nice to chat to other people who understand what you are going through.

    This is the club nobody chose to join but are so glad they did. Another place to look at is the penny brohn cancer care website they have all sorts of advice there for healthy eating and what supplements they recommend to take. They do courses as well but they are based in bristol which may be a bit far for you.

    Good luck on your journey.

    Sending you some virtual hugs

    Jackie xxx

  • Hi Kelly!

    Sorry your cancer is back and you are going into the chemo cycle! Not a doddle, no! But hold on to the thought that the unpleasantness is for a limited period and is aimed at reducing the cancer. Every day is a gift, do something that pleases you and you enjoy, even if it is just lighting a nice candle or having a really good ice cream or some luxury chocolate! Make every day special and live it as fully as you can! That way I find that I forget to think about how long it is going to be before it is back and the unpleasant after effects and side effects of the treatment!

    Thinking of you and wishing you the lowest level of side effects possible! I found that a cup of lemon and ginger tea and a couple of digestive biscuits before I got up helped to reduce the nausea. Ginger beer and water during the day also helped. I live alone so I bought a second kettle for the bedroom and set everything ready the night before!

    Good luck!




  • Like the others wish you had not had to join us, but so glad you found the site, it is so helpful. Sorry to hear it has been tough, heres hoing the chemo kicks in quickly and you feel better soon.

    I have a problem with keeping weight on, try to eat small helpings of nourishing food often, is the best way for me.

    Take care.

  • Hi Kelly

    I just wanted to say hello. Like all of us I'm sure it's the last place you hoped you would ever have to come but given what's happened with you I have to say that it's a wonderful site. Someone always has time to answer any question you might have and everyone is so helpful, encouraging and supportive.

    Yes, I'd agree that eating little and often and eating high-calorie foods is the best way to go to try and keep your weight up.

    The best of luck with your treatment.

    Take care.

    Love Cathy xx

  • Hello there

    Sorry you've had to join. Your Macmillan nurse probably has a leaflet about eating to put on weight- it comes down to snacking, adding cheese, milk and any other calorie full things to food, eating little and often. I would also put fruit and veggies in there as the vitamins and minerals in them help to increase your feeling wellness and inclination to eat.

    Thinking of you


  • Hi Kelly

    I am really sorry to read about all that you have been through. I pray that the chemo works & you are able to have surgery.

    This site is definitely a great place to talk to people, get advice & get things off your chest!

    Wishing you all the very best.

    Lots of love, Samixa X :-)

  • Hi Kelly . Sorry you have had to find us here but glad that you did as hopefully you will find all the ladies here a great source of support and advice that i have . wishing you all the best for successful treatment . Surround yourself with family and friends for support . I think eating little and often is a good idea . If you normally dont eat cake then have it . Try to eat fresh fruit to keep bowels healthy as that can be a problem . Chemotherapy is not easy but you will get through it .

    a big cyber hug


  • Hi Kelly,

    Sorry for all you are going through, but I'm sure you will get through it like the first time, my nurse told me to eat whatever I could or felt comfortable with, as we all know the chemo affects everyone in different ways, there was nothing specific other than fresh fruit and vegs, hope everything goes well with you and keep us up to date with your progress. xx Jorja

  • Thanks for all the replies ladies. It is very much appreciated. I do struggle to put weight on so all suggestions have been duly noted. I'm not great with words and expressing things. Last time it was suffer in silence and get on with it. Appetite has been quite good up til now and have been eating loads of fruit. May get some supplements to help immune system during chemo. Can only try and give body the best start for it. Will also try the high calorie intake stuff too. Hope all you ladies are doing ok. Kel xx

  • Hi Keli

    I am so sorry that the cancer has come back. What a blow. However, you will get lots of support and good advice from this site. I hope your chemo goes well. You have the courage to get through this, you've done it before and you can do it again. I'm sending my angel to you with love and hugs from me.

    Chris x x x

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