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Booked for Ibiza July only for one week , I keep fine apart from the drain which is getting done on Monday , just finished Clemo feb Caelyx , stable not bad result , anyway last year I just took out basic insurance not mentioning cancer , thinking if anything turns up Ibiza is rich ill use my European health card , what u think advice please , Annie

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  • I think you still have to declare the cancer, as it is a pre-existing medical condition, even if your policy doesn't cover it?

  • My understanding is that if you don't mention it it can invalidate any claim regardless of what it's for? Insurance Companies are buggers for invalidating claims if they can, so be totally up front with them.

  • HI. Firstly, enjoy your holiday.

    I look at travel insurance as something to get in case luggage goes missing; flights are late; mix-up in hotels and in the worst scenario - I am robbed.

    If I book a holiday and I feel fine - great and I don't worry. But if I felt unwell before travelling - I probably would cancel, and in the latter event - there is no insurance coverage anyway. We also have European Health Card, which would cover usual holiday ailments : falls, cuts, bites etc..

    Now - on top on that; if there are daily flights back to Ireland, or to UK with connections to Ireland, then I know I can get home if sick.

    I have reached this point in my life and disease journey - that I can worry too much about travel insurance, when other things really matter.

    But, the others recommend you take out insurance - so maybe they are right.

    Have a great holiday.

    Daisies xx

  • I am going to the Greek Islands Soon, I have taken our insurance with Insurewith. The cost for two weeks for me was £68 which I thought was ok and gives me peace of mind. Since being diagnosed three and a half years ago I have travelled overseas several times without insurance. However this time I felt a little twitchie about not having cover, hence I took it and surprised how reasonable it was all considered.

  • Can I ask what stage you are and if you currently have recurrence. I am wondering whether this is what has caused my insurance quotes to be so high for one week! Thanks. Ann x

  • Hi Ann,

    Well my tumor is classed as stable and has been for over a year so not on any treatment for over a year. See my Onc in August, will be six months since I last saw him so as the time gets nearer for a scan I will be worrting, think we all know that feeling. Hope you enjoy your holiday and manage to get a cheaper quote. X. Liz

  • Thanks. We actually had our holiday 1st week in May. Went to Lake Garda. It was a brilliant week thanks. Scenery stunning. Fabulous hotel, great food, wine etc. Ice cream was amazing, never had ice cream as nice before lol. Even went to Venice and had a gondolo ride. Seems ages ago now though lol. Ready for another one. Get my scan over and then review for results, depending on that, if treatment needs to be started yet or not will decide about booking somewhere for September or October. Ann x

  • Just finished Caelyx February cancer is stable , waiting for a second opinion at Edinburgh with regard to surgery , had two lots of Clemo , getting a drain tomorrow morning otherwise I'm fine Annie xx

  • Good luck with your drain. Some good advice re insurance given. Hope you enjoy your holiday. Ann x

  • Go to eurotunnel for insurance, as long as you're fit to travel they will cover you regardless of the cancer, good cover as well, they don't ask anything about your illness either.

    have a good holiday!


  • I went abroad last year with MIA insurance - quite reasonable


  • Hi Annie. If you are in Ireland VHI travel insurance dept cover people who have cancer as I first got myself insured with them in 2012 and declared my illness . I had heard that they were the only insurance company who did. I am now in Ibiza for a week and they have automatically insured me every year since I first got it. I also have European health insurance. If you are in the UK it is worth shopping around . As it stands if you don't declare your existing illness you would only be covered for any Illness or injury other than cancer. If anyone else has more up to date information let me know. Meanwhile the sun is shining beautifully in Ibiza. I believe poor old Ireland is frosty cold and wet !

  • I went to Lake Garda for a week and just relied on EHIC. I had priced insurance to cover the cancer and was given 3 quotes, all in the region of £1000. I didn't have a drain though. Have you had any trouble with your drain?

    Ann x

  • Had the drain twice before done with ultrasound guide ,first time 8 ltr then 4 that's my only problem , cancer is not in the organs so far anyway , asked about the drain they leave in , no causes infection becomes blocked ect , I am up at the beatson in glasgow let u know how much they get tomorrow happy days , Annie

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