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Recomendations for Travel Insurance??

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Looking for an annual policy - currently NED. Any recommendations please ladies? Some quotes are in excess of £1500! Is that what i should expect? X

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I have just started looking too… with the idea I might get to Spain next March. I know that some quotes for a two week holiday have been as much as £1500 for some… so that might not be a bad price. Being NED is an advantage. I am going to wait until I have been off chemo for 6 months before asking for quotes x

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suzannebirch in reply to Lyndy

Thank you x

I have been in insurance industry for 20 years here in Alberta, Canada and sold some travel insurance and was an underwriter for 13 years of that, so had to know the exclusions/limitations). Generally speaking…. I would recommend being very honest and aware of dates of treatment and ask about what “stability” period the company requires that may affect rates/coverage….and what or if existing medical issues may be excluded based on being pre-existing conditions.

Here in our neck of the woods…..agents tend only tell you all the coverages that the company offers, but they almost NEVER actually look into what is NOT covered or may be limited/excluded based on it being a pre-existing condition.

Also, semi-annual or annual policies tend to be the same premium as a short term policy…. But again have to inquire about if coverage for some things will become excluded mid-term if you have any change in condition or mediation etc.

Of course, this is just general information based on my experience of both being a consumer/ agent/and underwriter.


Thanks for replying x

Try insurancewith

We used them for my mum. £70 for 4 weeks in Australia.

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suzannebirch in reply to N-A-58

Thanks. I checked them out but they arent accepting any new policies!!!

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Iside in reply to N-A-58

Which company quoted £70 pleeze? Iside

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N-A-58 in reply to Iside


Yes, I tried them too, as I have always used them previously. Have been quoted £900 for a five day cruise by another company, so have decided not to go!


Hi I got quoted £78 for a one trip policy with Avanti travel insurance the cheapest I could find and I am classed as terminal.

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Ge0rg1na in reply to Karan69

Yes I used avanti recently for a cruise of 8 nights but the price was about £300 only because we remained in British waters. I'm classed as terminal also and not on any treatment so your situation is very different. Good luck x

I’ve also used Insurance with in the past but they wouldn’t insure me when I had some uncertain scans so I went without (before brexit relying on the EHIC). I have heard of people getting a policy to cover everything except the cancer?? Might be worth thinking about maybe - I think that’s what I would try another time as when insurance with wouldnt cover me I couldn’t find anyone else. Fionax

Try Insurewith , I'm in remission and it cost me £80 for week in Portugal .Jan x

Good luck its not easy, usually the nurses on your team can give you good advice. Love SheilaFxxx

I have an annual policy with staysure which cost £640 for both myself and my husband who had a heart attack a few years ago. I’m stage 4 and finished chemo in may and am cancer free atm . You do need to notify them if anything changes in that year.

Haven't tried them myself, but I've heard recommendations for insurewith and Boots. Make sure you speak to a human on the phone, rather than filling in a form online, as the online form may exclude you when a human can sort out the fine detail.

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Starbarn in reply to SopSinger

Think they have stopped taking new policy holders at the moment.

I think the trick may be to insure just for the specific trip rather than an annual policy.That's certainly what we've done each time.

Good luck.

Liz xxx

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Good morning suzannebirch

Thank you for your post, it’s great to see you have had lots of informative replies from other forum members. I just wanted to pop by and share this Ovacome blog about travelling abroad with you, as there is a section dedicated to insurance which I hope may be helpful:

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like to talk through anything. Our support line number is 0800 008 7054 – We’re here Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm.

Best wishes


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