It's been a challenging two weeks

Life has been anything but boring since I had my first lot of chemo two weeks ago. I decided to book the following week off work as I didn't know how I would be and thank goodness I did. For the first two days I was bouncing off the walls because of the steroids and didn't get a wink of sleep. Once the effects of the steroids wore off, our twelve year old son was admitted to hospital for emergency surgery (nothing nasty, he's fine now) but because he's only 12 I didn't want to leave him so I stayed at the hospital with him and didn't get a wink of sleep all night. They put him on a monitor for his blood pressure and heart rate and the alarm kept going off as his heart rate kept slowing down. I nearly ended up with heart failure myself because it went off that many times. I went back to work last Monday and all of my lovely work colleagues popped into my office to say hello, welcome back, hope you're ok and we missed you. I was really touched but the lovely warm feeling was soon replaced with anger when the woman I work for made it clear she wasn't happy. She then went on to complain that I was there to work and she didn't want people coming into my office as I had far too much work to do. I couldn't belive her. I'm a damned good worker, I work my little socks off and I churn out a lot of work. I rarely get much chance to talk to my colleagues as she's so demanding and I generally don't have time to talk to them. I knew she was a cold fish but her attitude was unbelievable. Anyway long story short all of my lovely colleagues complained to the office manager about her attitude and she was hauled into the office by one of the partners. I'm not sure what was said but she was as nice as pie the following day. Anyway I'm hoping for a quieter week this week as I'm due my next chemo session on Friday......fingers crossed, Kerry.

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  • Hi Kerry.. So feel for you, The phrase 'it never rains but it pours' comes to mind! Why is it that it all happens at once in life? Glad to hear your son is on the mend. Am angry for you with regard to the attitude of your boss, Shame you can't tell Her where to go!!

    You don't need that kind of stress with all that is going on.

    I think there must be something in the air this week😳 After having a wonderful week in sorrento for my 60th, within a couple of hours of being back our great nephew was diagnosed with a brain tumour, then during week had 5x hospital visits with sister (mri), son, (torn ligament) granddaughter (a&e) & other sister ( thyroid op) plus me, kidney clinic. 3rd sister woke up and thought she had had a stroke but thankfully was 'only' Bell's palsy! Things can only get better😳😳😳!

    Good luck with chemo on Friday , hope it goes ok will be thinking of you

    Love Jennyx

  • Jenny, so sorry to hear all this, what a horrible end to your birthday celebrations. Sending you big hugs and lots of positive vibes for your family. Love Kerry xx

  • Thank you Kerry. My whole family have a good attitude on life and try to keep smiling through all the c--p that life throws at us (doesn't work all the time) but we try..😊😊

    Meant to say am glad you have some good workmates who are willing to stick up for you, that doesn't happen very often in the workplace. Here's hoping her attitude remains pleasant.

    Hugs x Jenny

  • Thats a good attitude to have. I'm always telling my boys that life isn't easy but that there is always someone a lot worse off than you. Yes I have some lovely workmates. I only started working for the company last June but they have all been so supportive and kind. Its unfortunate that the lady I work for is a very sad individual but they all more than make up for her. Hopefully her attitude will remain pleasant but if not then I can rely on my colleagues to cheer me up. Xx

  • Ah she is really over the top or else she had in her life someone who was ill and you are bringing back memories of that to her. I am glad that your colleagues are nice and stood up for you. They shouldnt have to, as a solicitor she should be aware of the terms of employment when you are ill. But it does sound to me as if she is hurting as you are getting the brunt of it. I am glad your little boy is better, that was something your didnt need but these things happen. Just work away as much as you can dont get tired coming up to Friday and I hpe you treated yourself after that tirade this weekend

  • Hi Suzuki, Life hasn't been particularly easy for her and because of this she has got a big chip on her shoulder. Its sad because despite this she has a lot to be grateful for, but she can't see it. I've tried pointing this out to her but she seems to enjoy playing the martyr so I just smile as her through gritted teeth and let her get on with it. Yes, Elliot is on the road to recovery bless him. Kids bounce back so quickly don't they. I packed a picnic and we went out for the day today. it was nice to spend some time with the kids and hubby and enjoy the sunshine. Tomorrow I'm planning on chilling out as its a Bank Holiday. X

  • HI I am glad you are getting time to chillax and also had a nice day yesterday and a good one today also. Our Bank Holiday isnt until next weekend. I have nothing planned as yet. I have from time to time gritted my teeth at things at work also. I wonder do these people have a wish that you are not well enough to work and leave forever. That thought has crossed my mind. However last week before leaving, I was nice to all whether they ever liked me or not. I have reached retirement age and had to go. I can go back later and do voluntary but at my own time. Hope you take the rest of the week easy dont over do things, you get no thanks.

  • I know what you mean. She thinks that because I'm having treatment I'm going to be having time off and she hates the though of not having someone at her beck and call. Sad that this is all she can think about. What a lovely time of year to retire with the summer ahead of you. It's nice that you can go back and do voluntary work if you want to as well. I Hope you have a good week and Bank Holiday next weekend. take care, Kerry xx

  • My goodness your post brought back a memory ( from last year, not long ago but how time has flown ! ) when I was in chemo and my daughter 10 at the time had suspected appendicitis and like you I couldn't leave her and slept alongside her. No sleep and then popped back 'downstairs' for my chemo whilst my husband and son took the afternoon shift. Forget all this avoiding hospital etc when on chemo when your kids needs you, you just do don't you?

    Anyway my daughter was fine and enjoyed her sleepover in hospital once she'd gotten over the pain! The resilience of kids huh!

    Hope things go much easier for you next time round and you don't get another curve ball


  • Dawn, I said to hubby that if EIlliot had been in hospital a week earlier I would have had to pop downstairs for my chemo. Thankfully he was the only person on the ward so I didn't have to worry about infections. Xx

  • Kerry - I nearly cried when I read about your immediate manager: what a b%$$h and I am delighted that your colleagues complained. Her behaviour towards you is known as 'bullying'.

    Hope your son is ok again and that you now have a chance to look after yourself again.

    Regards and Hugs,

    Daisies xxx

  • Thanks Daisies, She's one very sad individual and has only succeeded in alienating herself from everyone at work. Elliot is fine and on the mend and should be back at school after half term. This week I plan on keeping calm and relaxed so I'm ready for Friday, Kerry x

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