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Hi guys,

I haven't posted for a while as been over taken with life! You may remember I posted about 5 weeks ago that mum was going in for her full hysterectomy ometuem removal etc. She was in hospital for just over 3 days and since has been recovering well.

Her oncologist was very pleased with the results, there are some microscopic cells left so mum is going to have 2 more chemo sessions starting next Thursday.

We are all realistic that this may only be the beginning but when mum was diagnosed stage 4 in august 16 I thought it was going to be her last few months. 7 months later she's battling the beast

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  • Hi So glad to hear your mum is doing well, thanks for the update. It's nice to hear that things are going well. Stay positive. Kathy xxx

  • That's really good to hear . Hope chemo flies by then your mum can get on with enjoying her life. Xx

  • That's good to hear. Hope the next chemo sessions go well.

  • Its great to hear your mom is doing well after surgery and doctors are pleased with outcome. thw surgery does take a lot out of you, so please tell her to take things very slow and easy when she gets home and to rely on others for awhile to handle chores.

    Best wishes for her continued recovery and return back to health.

    anne 🌸🌼🌺

  • Really pleased your mum is doing well, she still needs to take things really easy and pace herself. It must be a comfort to know the surgeon is please with her progress and hopefully the last 2 chemos will get the remaining blighters.

    It's brilliant that your mum's a fighter and is still battling and long may she continue to do so.

    It is good you are there to support her and I'm sure she appreciates you more than you know.

    Give her a big hug from us ❤xx Jane

  • Best wishes for your mum's ongoing recovery from surgery - she needs to be kind to herself and take it easy. It's great she has family like yourself fighting her corner. Good luck and Best Wishes.


  • So glad to hear your Mum's recovery is going well and she's feeling strong. I hope her next round of treatment goes ok...she sounds like a super trooper and no doubt, will get spoiled rotten this week on Mother's Day especially. Give her an extra special ((hug)) xx

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