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Losing Archie-cat and successful fund raising

Thanks to you all for your condolences. Archie was a very vocal moggie and the house is deathly quiet without him. I've had lots of cards and some flowers and it helps to know how much you all understand the pain and loss.

The Mad Hatter's fund-raising tea party for Target Ovarian Cancer was a great success. Friends baked the most marvellous cakes and those left I asked people to sell. One friend has a bible study group every week and bought 12 pieces but gave me £20, another attends a day class and bought 10 at £1 a slice and so on. Some very generous friends donated as much as £20, even tho' they couldn't attend and so far we have raised over £260!! We all wore silly hats and anyone on a diet is now wishing they hadn't overindulged!"


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When I get home and help myself to another slice of left-over cake from my tea and cakes with the neighbours I'll toast your health with a cup of tea and think of you Veronique.

It's very comforting when friends and family understand our attachment to our pets. I could send you a very vociferous old moth-eaten tabby called Mincer but she'd probably make her way back from Hampshire to Wales as she's a very determined old girl xxx Annie


I Just wish I had recorded his variety of miaows. Some were gentle, some grunts and some downright loud and insistent.

The Geneticist has just had a long conversation with me by phone (she couldn't make our appt. yesterday.) She is sending me detailed info and blood test chit. Would be just my luck to get breast Ca when I haven't had any periods of remission from O Ca yet!

I'm thinking of booking a 35 day cruise next Jan which is v risky not knowing results of just-completed chemo but it's now or never for special offer. At least it's taking my mind off Archie!

Give Mincer an extra cuddle, from me.


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