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Help with the Rotterdam Regimen

I was hoping to have seen a response from the last post on this. I am about to start this. Hickman line next week and then following with the course. I am wondering if this regime isnt being used as much. The only thing on the site are posts from other friends from around 3 years ago.

I usually have lots of tips from you all which have been very much appreciated during my journey, So any contributions would be most helpful.

Hoping that you are all looking after yourselves.

Regards Barbara, X

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Hi Barbara,

I a sorry I cannot help you with this as I have never had it. I know that one or two members have. There may be something in the past links. I know there had been a few posts on the topic (favourable as I remember). I hope this helps and I am wishing you all the best.




Hi Trish thanks for the reply. I have checked the links but nothing recently.

I find it very strange never mind no doubt I can ask when I start having it now 28th April!!!

I hope you have some good quality time in the next few months and just enjoy yourself.

Regards Barbara.


Actually Barbara I had a look and found some things. If you just type Rotterdam regimen into the Search Healthunlocked 'search field' at the top of the page you'll find it.




Thanks Trish



Barbara , I 've just responded ...hope this helps you both .



Hi Angela thank you for that information it was very compact and its nice to know of someone who has had it more recently that what I have managed to find out. Thanks for the tip on constipation something I have had problems with for years so I monitor it very closely, Caelyx wasnt very helpful though!! This will be my 5th Line and I agree with you I talk in respite have never really had a remission, still hear to tell the tale.

Not sure how these overnights will go .I carnt see me coming out after midnight. Just looking at some hotels . Did you have any delays with blood low counts? I was looking at getting some boosts for my bloods. Having had those injections with the caelyx?.

Hope to speak to you again

Regards Barbara.


Hello Barbara, I had to look up what the Rotterdam Regimen was, and the drugs involved and how they are given. Anyway - I am not on it, as you can gather, but I see that you must stay in hospital overnight for every infusion....that is tough, especially is someone lives a distance from their hospital.

I saw that Christie site with NHS also has a document on it...another source of info for you.

Just of us 'ignorant' folks - what variation of OvCa do you have ?

best wishes with treatment, Daisies xx


Hi Daisies

I am high grade serous was stage 3c.

Have been given the leaflet on the course when I was told he forgot to mention which regime as soon as I saw it I thought this is going to be tough. Anyway now have my dates 28th April so I have booked some accommodation so If I just say to myself I am off to experience Holland

experience. Ha Ha.

I was pleased to read that you had a good scan result isnt it great when you can plan and relax and enjoy its such a relief.

Regards Barbara.X


Barbara, thanks for responding. Sometimes when we hear of somebody getting a different treatment, not offered to us, we worry about it. But I know, in my heart, that each type of OvCa is different; hence the different regimes.

You are right to think of it as experiencing Holland - so you should buy tulips every time you come home from hospital ... we all need to treat ourselves. Oh yes, isn't Holland known for its chocolate also???? any excuse for good choc.

Maureen xx


Hi Maureen thanks for the tip sounds just right.

Yes I know what you mean when you see different combinations I usually look them up and store them for my visits to my Onc. If it helps this is my 5th Line although I wish it wasnt. Ha Ha must admit it doesnt look like a lot of women have been on it. Is this a worry? Although Angela has so, that has helped and she has given me some tips. We I shall see soon enough.

Take care Barbara X


Ah ...overnighters ...

I did not do the overnights : just as a day patient .Different routines in different hospitals , I suupose .

I reacted badly to re introduction of carboplatin , and will be going into hospital to try and de sensitise me !! I seem to be having allergic reactions to everything at the moment .

Rotterdam can be good your Oncology team and hospital .

Best wishes , Angela


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