Ovarian Cancer in Scotland

Ovarian Cancer in Scotland

Hi everyone, my name is Ann and I was diagnosed with OC in 2010. Recently I have been feeling very isolated up here. I live in Ayrshire and don't know anyone here in the vicinity with OC. I would very much like to be chatting with others in the same boat here in Scotland even with the option of becoming friends. We could possibly create a little group, working raising the awareness of this horrible disease. I am willing to travel to meet up with anyone who would be interested. Lots of healthy, happy best wishes to you all xxxxx

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  • Hi Ann, Sorry I am in London tho originally from Moray shire. Sure someone will be along soon as I know we have several Scots on here x welcome to our great support site by the way - nobody wants to be here but hey ho we just get on with it - no choice really eh? X

  • HI Ann your at the best site I only joined couple months ago but any time need answers or worried go on here the other members always reply and help out hope you find someone close to your home x

  • Dear Ann,

    Well you haven't been on for a while, last time was on your birthday wasn't it ?

    welcome back I've missed you, I hope the scottish friends will come forward soon.

    I know you are particularly sad since you've lost Sharon (but she wouldn't want you to be) ...don't forget I am here for you....I have fond memories of meeting you in London.

    Thinking of you a lot... love x G x

    Ps lovely photo of you and your son xx

  • Thankyou Gwyn. The photo was taken 6 months after I finished my treatment, the hair just starting to grow back. I do miss Sharon and I know she wouldn't want me to be sad so I will try, I promise Love Ann xx

  • Hi Ann,

    I'm sure you will drum up support north of the border.

    It's been a year since Annie and I started beating the drum in Cardiff. It's only been these last few months that our numbers have increased and we had a very lively meeting last week.

    If you can get some posters from Ovacome and stick them in dr surgeries that would be a start.

    We also set up camp in the cancer centre on the days we knew OC patient attended..

    Good luck much love xxx


  • Hi Ann I'm not in Ayrshire. But sending you hugs .. Hubbie and I went Culzean Castle last year which was beautiful. I'm a big fan of the area. xx xx

  • It is a lovely place is Scotland, so green and fresh.....it's all this dashed rain that makes it so lol xxxxx

  • I live in Inverness and we have a monthly support group meeting. This includes all ladies with gynae cancers as there are not too many of us with OC. Perhaps you could do that. We meet in Maggie's in the evening to allow those who work to attend .

  • Thank you, this is also a very helpful suggestion

  • Thank you I may try this out too xx

  • Hi Ann, My name is Wilma and live in Gourock so not that far away from you. I too had ovarian cancer Stage 3. Please don't feel isolated, please feel free to chat with me. My diagnosis was in January last year.

  • Hi Wilma, I live in Kilmarnock so really not that far at all. I was diagnosed in 2010 with Stage 4 and I think, although I didn't know I was doing it, I have not dealt with this horrible disease to the best of my ability. I have completely ignored it most of the time and I'm only now realising I'm not really living, just existing. I lost my youngest sister to OC in 2012 and a very close friend was buried on Wednesday also with OC. It would be lovely to chat to you, I'm not always this maudlin, and I have so much to live for, love and enjoy, but did feel so isolated. I should very much like to chat to you. Hope you're keeping well xx Ann

  • Hi Ann, Im the happiest person in the world and so so lucky with the outcome thanks to a surgeon in Glasgow Royal. Goiing into hospital next week (I hope) for the sixth time in a year, but its only for a seroma, so it'll be just in and out again I hope. Do you drive? We could meet for a chat and meet some way in the middle of the distance from yours and mine. Wilma

  • Good luck for next week Wilma I hope everything goes well. I don't drive, but I don't mind getting the bus, am used to it now. I'm also very grateful to my surgeon at Glasgow Royal, she did a good job. Do you attend the Beatson for your follow up appts. Is Gourock far from Glasgow because I can get there easily xAnn

  • Gourock is about 25/30 miles west of glasgow. I can drive down the coast through Largs and meet you down in Ayrshire somewhere. I know there are buses that go up and down to Ayr etc. I'm not at all worried about the hospital next week, in a strange way i'm looking forward to it, then I'll feel much better and hopefully a bit thinner and fitter

  • Anywhere suits me. I don't know what a seroma is.

  • I didnt know what it was either until Monday of this week. What I have is fluid that was gathered from my abdomen down to groin. I protudes significatly, so it hopefully be an instant diet

  • Fingers crossed then, I'm trying to lose a bit because my daughter gets married this

  • Year lol

  • is that your daughter in the photograph with you? It doesnt look to me that you need to loose anything just keep healthy

  • Yes that's her, Lindsay. Don't want to lose much, just get rid of the fat tum. I'm actually eating better now I'm on a diet believe it or not

  • Oh she'll make a beautiful bride. Enjoy some good food

  • Thankyou

  • Hi ann and wilma and any of the other Scotland ladies i live in Greenock x would be great to meet up and chat x perhaps Glasgow would be a good place or since you are further away maybe Largs x as you can probably tell my geography is rubbish !! I was diagnosed with stage 3b primary peritoneal cancer in 2012 . Had one year free and now just finished second line chemo for recurrence x happy if you wish to pm and would be great to chat


  • Hi Ally, Im Wilma and live in Gourock so it would be easy to meet up with you for a chat. Im so happy and feel the luckiest person in the world with my outcome

  • Hi Ally, I was wondering if you would like to meet up with Wilma and myself next week sometime. Wilma can't do Monday but is free any other day, I think I'm free all week. Would be really nice to meet you

  • Hi Ann would be lovely to meet up . Any day would be fine for me apart from Thursday


  • Hi Ally how are you today. Have been trying to message you to see if you want to meet up with wilma and myself in Largs on Thursday I don't know times yet as I have to check timetable for myself

  • Hi ally just saw your post will get in touch with wilma and see if I can change to friday

  • Thanks let me know . I can do next week on the Monday Tuesday or Wednesday

    Ally x

  • Hi Ally, can you do Friday this week? x

  • Can you do this Friday Ally, if not then we could possibly do another outing next week xx

  • Hi Ally, Wilma and I can both do Friday, and I can be in Largs for about 12.30 if that suits you, we can make arrangements where to meet up. Ann

  • Hi Ally, lovely to hear from you, meeting up would be no problem, I can get to both Glasgow and Largs, although Glasgow would be easier. I am so glad I posted yesterday I don't feel so isolated now. I've just been to dentist for extractions, lovely, wish I could do this every day, not. Think the chemo ate all the bone in my lower jaw, keeping the cancer at bay though which is good. xxA

  • Hi, I'm from Elgin in Morayshire but although Scotland is small it's still a 4+ hour drive from where you are. :) There appears to be a few responding so hopefully you'll manage to catch up for a chat!

    Wendy x

  • Hi Ann, glad you got some positive replies, good luck with your meetings and hope it helps you all.

    Chris xx

  • Thank you Chris I have no doubt it will help us all xx

  • Ayr is a bit too far for me it'll take one and a half hours to get there, i'm unsure how i'll be after coming out of hospital. Not familiar about parking etc in Ayr not somewhere i'v been to for a long time

  • What about Largs or if you say a place I can check the transport

  • Hi, Largs is fine for me, but is it not a bit far for you to travel

  • I can get a bus from Kilmarnock to Irvine then bus straight through to Largs or I could get the bus to Kilwinning then the train to Largs so that's not really a problem

  • ok that's great with me

  • Ok then, I know you can't do Monday and I'm waiting for a parcel arriving tues/wed so shall we make it Thursday to be on the safe side? I still have not heard from Ally, the lady from Greenock but will keep trying. I shall have to check the timetable for the 585 bus cos I'm not sure what time they run

  • Thursday is good for me, hope you manage to contact Ally

  • Have had a message from Ally, she can't do Thursday so shall we make it Friday?

  • that's fine with me

  • Ok I'll get back in touch will Ally. I can be in Largs for around 12.30 if that suits you

  • thats fine with me, just tell me where

  • I can get off the bus at the train station so we could meet up near there and take things from there. I messaged Ally about Friday, but she hasn't replied yet. I'll send her another message

  • that's ok for me too

  • Ok then, I'll be there about 12.30

  • ok c u there

  • I've been following your thread and so pleased you're getting together on Friday. We've just had our monthly meeting in Cardiff and they're always lovely events. I shall be thinking of you in Largs. I'm a frequent visitor. xxxx

  • who r u?

  • Hi there, I'm a friend of Ann's. Frequent visitor to Largs as I have friends there - and always pleased to get to know people in Scotland and N Ireland to compare how things are going. Ann will fill you in! xxx Love Annie

  • Hi Annie I never even noticed you had joined the conversation. How are you, hope you are getting better. You're still gadding about though I see, when will you start taking easy. I saw your lovely photos yesterday on Facebook.

  • Hi Ann, I'm like a dog with a bone with the cause for fair treatment and feel it even more with the loss of Sharon who was doing so much in Scotland. I hope you find a champion up there and I'd happily link up with them if you give them my contact details. Una (in N Ireland) and I often have a chat and commiserate and I desperately miss my chats with Sharon. People often say it's good to have a heads with someone in the same shoes, and Una, Sharon and I shared more than just Ovarian Cancer.

    Have a lovely day in Largs. There's a fab marina there with beautiful views from the bar/lounge - but a bit out of town. I love the town and have been chatting with my friend there about a visit very soon. xxxx

  • I so wish I had the knowledge and confidence to take on the roll myself Annie but wouldn't know where to start. The weather is dry for the moment but very cold so we will probably find somewhere nice in town for lunch xx

  • Hi Ann, so lovely to have met you yesterday and the good old chat. Thank you so much for the lovely gift. Wil x

  • hi ann my name is julie & i have also just been diagnosed with oc l also live in ayrshire & would love to hear from you & anyone else with info

  • Just waving at my fellow Scots - I am a Mum of a daughter who had OC in 2010 and who is hopefully done with the beastie as of January this year - she will still have regular check ups for a while to come. I only pop up occasionally on here. My family is from the West Coast, so Greenock and Gourock are familiar places to me, though I tend to spend more time on the East Coast these days. I live in the South of England, so only visit Scotland as and when I can. I hope you all continue to get together for support. Honey xx

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