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Living with Ovarian Cancer

It's devastating to hear you have cancer. If you're at this threshold and feel terrified that cancer will somehow destroy your life take a look at the things that have made mine wonderful since my diagnosis last April.

Tender and sometimes intense conversations with my daughters

Time with my nearest and dearest.

Married my long-term partner

Amazing ongoing support from friends and neighbours

Colleagues I hardly knew have visited, emailed and organised lunches

Have laughed till I cried

Took a family holiday in France

Visited and caught up with dear friends I hadn't seen in quite some time

Lost 2 stone and bought some new more fashionable clothes

Stopped worrying about people who might not like me.

Enjoyed long walks with my dog

Saw so much beauty in the world

Woke up every morning thinking what a lucky woman I am.

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Those of us who have experienced ovarian cancer have found it to be a life changing experience and it is often the case that we become different women. We find strength that we never knew we had and develop an enhanced understanding of what is important in our daily lives. More than anything, we learn to treasure what we have got and at the same time take nothing for granted. This is the new journey.

Best wishes



Your comments and feelings entirely mirror my own and thank you for them. I would add one most unexpected feeling - I'm genuinely very happy.


How true this is. I have seen so much beauty in everything since my diagnosis in April 2010. I have cut down my working week and spend more time with my lovely husband who I love as much if not more than when we met over 30 years ago. Luckily he works shifts so we have lots of days in the week where we have the time to go out and enjoy life. Especially love to walk by the sea and lunch out. My children (grown up now) are also a joy to me, I am so proud of them. If we want to do something, we do it now without hesitation on the spur of the moment. It's so exciting!! I am a year into remission and it's been one of the best years of my life. Apart from the odd moments when the sadness can creep in I am also genuinely very happy.

Love and hugs to you all.

Chris x

Thanks so much for replying to my blog and your messages of genuine happiness. It is true I've been aware of all my blessings and there are also some intensely sad moments too. It's good to share positive thoughts with each other - as important as sharing our worries on the site.

with best wishes. Annie

Morning Ladies.

Just have to say how much I admire your strengths.

I to am trying to be as brave, but the fear that creeps in some days drives you MAD !!!

We do make the most of every day and fill it with whatever we want.

My two year remission is now over, and my count is going up, they have said I am "Active" again !!!

Due this Friday to see the oncol for the results of the Blood Test.

Its just the unknown that sends you into a SPIN.

But as we do, we pick ourselves up and off we go again.

Wishing you all loads of lovely days. x x

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Dear Kefi, I'm sending my love to you and hope the meeting with the oncologist is positive on Friday. I shall be thinking of you and if you feel like getting in touch let me know how it all goes. I'm sorry you must be having an AWFUL week. Take heart!

loads of love Annie xx

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wendydee in reply to

Hi Kefi

The thing about this ***** disease is that it throws us all into a tailspin every now and then. Think of all the wishes from all the women who are reading this, and all their inspirational stories and you will get through whatever you need to do to get that feeling of thankfulness back. Stay strong and my wishes are with you on Friday.

Love, Wendy xx

Thanks, Annie for the thoughts and musings. It's so important now to do what we want when we want. I, too, after initial panic and worry, feel blessed after my diagnosis and the subsequent feelings of thankfulness

All the best

Love Wendy xx

Hello Annie & Wendy.

Thank you for your wishes and thoughts.

I do hang on to all you say and what you go through, and yes it does give me the strength to carry on.

Will let you know how things go on Fri.

Take care x x

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suzieque in reply to

Hi Kefi.

I would just like to wish you well for Friday.Just you keep that determined attitude that has seen you through the last coupla years ,this has made you the strong person you are today.

We will be thinking about you,keep strong and keep us posted.

Suzieque xxx

in reply to suzieque

Hi again Suzieque,

Thanks for your wishes, just sent you a reply to your "Rant".

Take care x x

Hello All.

Just an update, saw the oncol today she said I was a "STAR" (not yet I dont think, dont want to be up there yet !!!) LOL.

My count is up from 60 to 88 now in six weeks, but everything else is ok, just showing a "Thickening in the Large Intestine". Anyone else had this please????

So its "Freedom" for another 7wks till next app.

Thanks for your wishes and thoughts again.

Off to "Kick up my heels now" LOL.

Take Care x x

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Dear Kefi

Thanks so much for letting us know how you got on today. Yes you are really a star in the best sense of the word. Enjoy the next 7 weeks. I too had a visit to the oncologist and had some heartening news - a bit of remission is expected!

Continue as you are!

Loads of love xx Annie


That's great news, never mind a bit of remission, lets hope for a L O N G one.

Have yourself a great weekend.

Hope your celebrating ??

Take Care. x x

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