Last Avastin tomorrow

Good evening everyone... I hope you are all as well as you can be? I feel almost a fraud posting this because so many are facing recurrence just now.

Tomorrow the first part of the journey completes for last cycle of Avastin. I am well...ca125 alright scan clear but I find it's bringing up some odd feelings. I've had about 20 months of treatment having been dx stage 4 in July 2015. Chemo-surgery-chemo, then Avastin and BRCA 1 positive. I feel like I've been living at sea in a small boat 🚣.

I wasn't ready to end treatment this time last year when my carbo/taxol finished but now I am really ready...can't wait!

At the same time that old fear in the stomach starts up...recurrence..will it? Won't it? When might it?

I feel that I've met the knowledge that I will die one day head on...that's very scary but also a real opportunity to make time precious.

I think it's one of the reasons that we all understand each other...a tee shirt we might not have wanted to get but here we are and we are the wise women!

Much love to all ❤❤❤❤❤

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  • Good for you, enjoy yourself you certainly deserve it💕

  • Hi Lyndy

    Never feel a fraud or guilty,we all have our own journey.I have been NED since March 2015 and I have a check coming up on Thursday.

    I was told by some of the ladies it is good to hear a positive story and I feel the same about any good news from anyone and when I hear of no re occurrence 10/20 or more years.

    I don't like to say too much where I am,since I don't want to feel it is crowing,but maybe good news is good for everyone?

    I just feel we are all in it together and yes, I am in the same small boat as you,let's paddle together,

    Carole xx

  • That's brilliant news, Lyndy. Well done for reaching the finishing line xxx

  • Well done you!

    You should feel proud. You have been put through the mill and come out the other side.

    I agree that such a experience although you would not wish it on anyone does bring a certain wisdom.


  • Wonderful news Lyndy! Been a bit of a roller coaster ride but we all stick together and spur each other on! You're 3 weeks ahead of me.. had my penultimate one today! You go enjoy every precious bit of life that's one life lesson we've really learnt it is Very precious! Congratulations brave lady 🍸🍾🎉 Love Michelle x💐

  • Lyndy,

    Right stern talking to from me now !!!! Never ever feel (almost!) like a fraud for anything you post ! You are important and an individual and your celebrations and joys are so so important .

    It's wonderful to read that you are ready to finish this treatment and I hope your land legs return quickly.

    Great great post,

    Recurrence ? Who knows, that's the truth of it, so we find a way to live with our thoughts and hopefully enjoy life, our family, our friends, our pets, our gardens....whatever we get joy from.

    Every day a little pleasure, that's the mantra !! And you're so right a great opportunity to make life that phrase ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Happy days ahead, take care

    Clare ❤️💐❤️👏🏻👍🏻😀

  • Woohoo Lyndy!

    As Clare so eloquently put it don't ever feel bad putting up good news! I remember when I was in treatment I got great solace from the good news stories on this forum and I still do! You show those that are still undergoing treatment that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that can be so powerful when someone is having a bad day!

    The very best of luck going forward!

    Onwards and Upwards!


  • Always love your Onwards and Upwards xx

  • Lyndy,

    That's fantastic news. I'm months behind you, awaiting my 3/8th chemo, & then I'll be 3 weekly Avastin but I love reading your post. It offers real hope.

    I can't imagine the feelings I'll have when I reach that point, as I'm sure they will be a mixture of freedom & worry. I guess it's all about finding a balance & living your life in the moment which is what I'm trying to do now, albeit I am also accumulating a little list of things to do once my energy is better. xxx

  • Celebrate this milestone! It's been a journey, but we've become wiser along the way, that's for sure. I have my last Avastin on 22nd February and consider myself fortunate to have had such a great quality of life while on it. Long may it continue!

  • I can totally relate to what you are saying and like you was glad I was not left in limbo treatment / monitoring land after the initial chemo/surgery /chemo regime. I have my 8th out of 18 avastin tomorrow ( I hope) as I am really wishy washy today after a cold which is literally dripping on, plus a stomach upset .

    Well good on you - massive relief to get to the end I am sure but also the inevitable questions... it's amazing how this disease focuses the mind to make the best of each day we have.

    All the best... janet

  • Great news that you've finished treatment Lyndy! - Enjoy all your drug and hospital free days girl!


  • Thanks everyone...well it's done and I am free until the end of March when I get a clinic check up. Strange feeling saying goodbye to familiar nurses. In the nicest possible way I don't want to see them least not for a good long while xx

  • True but finished Avastin in October 2015 and so far so good so be thinking of that. When you feel up to it do go along to a support group Macmillan or otherwise and speak to a counselllor. It is good to talk our fears out with someone outside our circle of family and friends. I wish you well and a long remission, hope you celebrate tonight. I think we should all be awarded certs for finishing treatment!!!!!!

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