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What type of scan please?

Good Afternoon ladies.

Would someone be able to help with a question please?

I recently had a second ultrasound scan (on Kidneys, Urethra and Bladder) after the consultant I saw said he did not trust the first scan which was carried out. The first scanner (a doctor) noted a simple left renal cyst, mild hydronephrosis in the right kidney and significant post void urinary volume. The second scan showed none of what the first scan showed, but I was told that my left ovary was swollen, although it did not state this in the 3 lined report I received from the consultant. Apparently my doctors report did state the swollen ovary. The reason for the scan was occasional blood in my urine and tummy pain. I am due to see my G.P tomorrow for results of a CA125 blood test my practice nurse said she wanted me to have. I have a swollen tummy, with lower tummy pain (hard to describe).

I will also get the results of VIt B12, Folate and Ferritin, which were all low in September.

I am wondering what sort of scan would be best in light of the continued pain etc?

Hope someone can advise.

Love and hugs


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Hi, Bernie.

If your previous ultrasound scans did not include one, you may well be offered a transvaginal ultrasound scan (TVU for short), which can get a different and hopefully clearer view of your ovaries. You are particularly likely to be offered this if your CA125 level is raised. One good thing about this scan - it's done when your bladder is empty, not when it's full!

Hope all goes well for you, and let us know how you get on. We do care!



Hi Barbara.

Thank you for replying. I'm glad my bladder will be empty for this one!!

Is a raised CA125 level classed above 30?

I'll let you know. Thank you for caring xx

Bernie x


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