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What happened next

I had a scan with the consultant on Friday who is fairly confident that it is just a dermoid cyst and is going to send the report to the surgeon who took the first cyst and ovary away and also to the gp, who knows how long it will take to get an appointment with gynae consultant, guess all I can do is see the gp if the pain gets any worse. The radiology consultant did say that the cyst is actually inside the ovary so to remove it they will need to take it all. Of course I am relieved that she didn't think it was cancerous but suppose won't find out for sure until they remove it and test. I still feel a bit down at the fact that I will be going through the menopause before I am 29 and that we can't give our son a brother or sister. He's too young to understand now but I hope he will in the future but at least we will have a future I guess and I can count my blessings every day that we have him.

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Hi Clare,

I'm so glad it looks as if it's not cancer! Even so, it's a tough time for you, but I'm sure good things will come out of it in the long run.

Very best wishes,



Hi Clare

I'm glad it looks as if things will not be as traumatic as they could have been. Is there anyone you can discuss IVF with, if you desperately want another child? However, as you say, you will have your life ahead of you and your family. You have a little time to plan and talk to everyone who can help you, anyway.

All the best, Wendy xx


I don't think it would be an option because in this area if you have a child you are not entitled to IVF and we could never afford it. I wouldn't say desperate but where before they was the possibility it could happen and now they won't be and there's all the HRT stuff to think about, I don't know much about any of it really and information on the net appears to be low in the UK. I will just have to wait and see what the consultants advise me, but right now my first priority is getting rid of this pain. It makes me constipated and it is so painful after a few days and when I do go as well. I might visit the GP to see if they have any ideas to help me manage with the side effects of the cyst until I get a Gynae appt anyway. Thanks for your kind words and replies xxx


Hi Clare,

I read your post with interest. I had a full hysterectomy 4 years ago when my son was just two. When he got to an age where he started to ask about siblings and why he had no brother or sister - we explained that this was because "mummy had a poorly tummy and can't have any more babies". He seemed to take this onboard pretty easily and stopped the questions. We like to be honest with him and include him as much as possible. Sometimes I still think about what it would have been like to have another child and when friends or family (my sister is currently expecting her first) are pregnant I do have a few pangs of sadness, but as you so rightly put it - this is about a secure future for you and your family. There's no point worrying about what might have been - live in the now and be happy with what you do have.

I'm also on HRT and have taken a little while to find the right solution for me but there are plenty of options available, just insist on getting as much advise as possible (assuming of course that you are told you can take it)

All the best to you, I hope you are able to get the support you need to cope with the pain you are experiencing.

Jo x


Hi Clare!

I hope that by now you are feeling a bit less pain. I agree with what Jo says about living in the now. Having worked with children in Junior Schools for 38 years, I know how resilient they are and how they accept most things if they are treated with honesty and respect. I was never able to have children at all -- they never found anything specific that was wrong with my husband or I, but it never happened. However, I believe you can gradually get used to any ideas in your life, if you have love and support. I am very happy with loads of things in my life and love my nieces and nephews to bits. I am a teensy bit envious though, when my friends are enjoying grandchildren! Oh well, having come through ovarian cancer, there's a lot worse that could have happened!

Stay strong!

Love Wendy xx


Hi Wendy,

We never got our hopes up for another child which I am about glad now. Our first child was actually not planned and if we hadn't of kept him we may not have had any if this had all happened earlier in my life so I'm so grateful for him. I should imagine many of your friends and relatives will be envious of you as well being able to live your life to the full apart from the cancer (I hope that makes sense). I am still in pain from this stupid cyst, it is worse at night and sometimes I can't even sleep, I moaned to the doctor who said I basically have to live with it until the gynae team give me an appointment which could take a couple of months. It is hard not having many people to talk to because all my friends either have babies or are pregnant and they don't understand one bit; they seem to think I should be feeling better overnight which is why I have been so grateful for this site. I used to enjoy running and doing race for life etc so would like to do something for Ovacome once I am back on my feet after this has eventually been removed. Sounds daft but I am getting a pedigree rabbit in a few weeks and since I have made plans to get it I have been feeling a lot better emotionally anyway.

Love Clare xxx


I think you're quite right to get your rabbit! I loved having two cats and one of them particularly kept me sane when I was worrying about stuff when I was ill. Yeah, I know ... the batty old childless cat-lady syndrome (haha)! No, it helps to have something else to focus on. I hope it's not too long till you see the consultant gynae specialist. Just a thought .. I assume they've given you a CA125 blood test. Things moved very quickly for me after I had one as it confirmed the medics suspicions that it may be OC when I had it. However, they were not sure at that stage. Try ringing the consultant's secretary after a week or so if you haven't heard anything. She might be able to tell you if the wait is going to be ages, if you give her a brief history and mention OC she may hurry things up a bit. Worth a try, if you're in pain. I found co-codamol good at killing the pain but they gave me awful constiapetion, which made it all feel worse, so that may be a last resort!

Glad you're feeling better emotionally, good luck with the rabbit .... and yes, I do enjoy my life!

Love, Wendy xx


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