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Transvaginal scan effectiveness

Greeting this is my first post to the MY Ovacome community, I have endometriosis and had a hysterectomy 11 years ago for suspected adenomyosis, and believe by my symptoms the endo has returned. I was MRI'd with bilateral ovarian cysts. They were approximately 2cm in size. My question is do all of you agree that small ovarian cysts are of no concern? I since have had a transvaginal ultrasound of which I've had many in my lifetime. It seems everytime the technicians always ask me if I'm sure I still have both ovaries! I do. Then it always comes back from the radiologist as no significant findings or masses. The last time the technician spoke to me , not something I thought they were allowed to do. He said I still have a cyst on my right ovary but nothing on the left. This scan was prescribed due to my going to the emergency hospital for pain which I believed was a burst cyst. Along with back pain I have a newer symptom which is abdominal bloating with pain in my right upper region. Don't know human anatomy well enough to speculate. Just had a urine test come back that my GP sent me to re-test, he asked if I was on my period when I had it done. (doesn't know me well). Also just my triglycerides are off the chart. Since 4 months ago and I've been good so I think it could be a error going to asked to have it retaken. 6 months ago both my cholesterol and tri's were high. I was worried when he called me back he was gonna suggest statins but he told me fats. I'm a relatively healthy weight could afford to lose some but I eat a modest well balanced healthy diet always have. Except for the occasional indulgence of the movie theater popcorn but life has to have some pleasures right?

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Hi There.

You seem to be quite in control of how you deal with your symptoms and are aware of your body and how it works. My OVCA was diagnosed by a transvaginal scan, but it seems like you want/need more investigation. If you are not happy with recent results I would suggest you return to your GP to investigate further.

Wishing you all the best



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Thanks for responding Trish,

I am a little intimidated to be on this forum as I do not have OVCA. But I believe it's something to watch out for. I would prefer to get straight answers rather then google, as you can pretty much find anything you look for that way, not necessarily true though. I did the symptom checker from the site and checked every box but I know that as an endometriosis sufferer that the symptoms are often similar. I want to be vigilent and the ultrasounds were never helpful for determining endo only laporscopic surgery determined that for me. Is there anything else I can do. I have read a few of the feeds on this forum and have learned that the CA125 blood test is not always indicative and I also read that the readings are naturally lower for women who have had hysterectomies. I would imagine your CRP blood levels must be elevated as well if you have OVCA but I don't know. What else could be a way of determining a diagnoses. Are the ovarian cysts always large as the medical health community has me believe? I don't know what more my GP can do for me.

Also I creeped you on here a little bit, sorry for your loss. I lost my father to heart disease in 2008.


Perhaps a CT or a PET scan? They certainly do CT scans on me every few months to look at disease progression etc. You are correct about CA125 it is not always raised.

Thank you for your kind words about my dad.

Let me know how you get on or if you need anything else.




Hi. I'm a little confused. Was your MRI scan recent? If so, I had a TV USS which showed the cyst but the consultant still wanted a n MRI scan. This gave more information, it also showed up my left ovary which was not visible was with the first scan a nd which turned out to have a tumour on it too. I think MRI is much better than the TV USS. Your GP seems to be checking you so this is good. I have never had endometriosis but I believe it is a painful condition. Does it cause bloating? Ann


Hi thesilent1,

Thanks for your interest. Yes, a lot of women complain of bloating with endo. Actually kind of disappointed with my GP today. I visited and asked him what we were gonna do about my upper abdominal pain and he suggested the ultrasound. I told him I had an ultrasound but it was before this arose, so I suggested what TrishLey suggested to me maybe a PT or CAT scan, he said maybe I should go get a second opinion because he has sent me for all these scans (for other issues like back pain as well) and the hospital DR. followed up after my left ovarian cyst burst with both abdominal and transvaginal scans.

The MRI for my pelvis was done in July. I paid for it myself but it was ordered from a different GP, for the pelvic pain I was experiencing it just showed the bilateral ovarian cysts as an included note.

I also went for another MRI just recently from what was ordered 4 months ago from my home town GP for my initial complaint of back pain which showed the lower lumbar region but not the sacrum(so silly) would have been nice of them to cover both as my physiotherapist says I have SI joint dysfunction, but the lower lumbar also showed a few bulging disks and one in particular is pushing a nerve. Still my Physio says it doesn't explain the pain in my right region as this is more on the left. I might go back to the other GP now as this one in my home town doesn't ever examine me or remember my last visit.

The original scans from my home town GP I thought were tedious being that I've been this route several times over in my lifetime with endo, but I figured I have to jump through their hoops first. I got a back xray, a bone density, a transvaginal and abdominal ultrasound and blood work.

I have tried the corticosteroid injections and they didn't help. On both hips and the SI Joint one by flouroscopy.

So to add to my original list of complaints I now have A simple cyst on my right kidney, high cholestrerol and high tryglycerides, osteopenia, bulging discs, SI joint dysfunction, Bilateral bursitis of the hips, Bilateral ovarian cysts (only lateral now, or maybe it is bilateral again or maybe I don't have either) and some minor lower lumbar arthropathy which I 'm told is to be expected.

This is typical for endometriosis diagnosis sufferers but I've already been diagnosed with it and I still find it is not something they take into consideration.

I just saw a Gynocologist Specialist last week and he refused to do surgery, wants me to try either GNRH or Visanne, without diagnosing if my pain is endo or adhesions.

I agree that the MRI is much more efficient than the ultrasound. I don't even want to bother with them anymore, what the technician see's also differs from what the radiologist puts on the report.

This turned out really winded my apologies, hope I haven't scared you off!

givemeananswer xx


You have had a lot of tests done. With disc problems and problems with hip joints etc could you have an inflammatory or arthritic process going on?


Note to self log in before you write reply ugh. Good question Ann,(see been creeping you) I just had my C-reactive protein levels checked anfd they were below reference range at 5.6 and none of the x rays showed significant arthritis.


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