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Very worried (not diagnosed)


I hope you don't mind me posting as I'm not yet diagnosed, but I am very worried. I'm a 43 year old Mum of 2 boys and have, for the last few weeks, been experiencing some slight bloating. This has gradually got worse to the point where I am extremely uncomfortable much of the time - tummy feels full and bloated - more heavy / fluid than gas - and especially full after eating. I am also battling with fatigue.

I am also struggling right now with some very low dragging pelvic pain and low back pain - I have had these symptoms intermittently for 2 and a half years but they have always gone away and I have had long periods of time pain free. I had a full Gynae work up just over a year ago - all was normal - inc a trans-vaginal scan where the ovaries were visualised and were 'normal'.

The symptoms I am experiencing all seem to point to one diagnosis, but I am wondering if this could also point to a benign ovarian cyst or other conditions. Do they also cause bloating, fluid retention, pain? I have a history of functional ovarian cysts (had surgery on a ruptured cyst almost 2 years ago) I have never experienced fluid retention / bloating like this though.

GP has done CA125 and I am waiting for results - hopefully tomorrow or Friday - but I have no idea what to expect or think. If it is high, does this mean definite OC? If it is low, does it rule OC out? I am seriously scared re the prognosis of OC and the fact that I need to be here for my two young boys. Can anyone offer any words of support / reassurance? The waiting is truly awful.

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Hi, Ruth. Don't make yourself crazy with worry. I know that's easier said than done. Your first step of going to your Dr. is the correct one. I'm not a medical person, but, I am a woman who went through an ugly pre-menopausal existence in my 40s. The body plays havoc to the point where I actually wanted a hysterectomy for no good reason. I had a cyst on my ovary, but, always monitored. You should feel alot better once your CA125 comes back (my feeling is that they would have called you immediately if the numbers were high). I'm in NY but go to Yale in CT and they told me that it usually takes a half hour for results to come back. I guess it's depending on the volume or what day it is.

Sounds like you are on the right track. The best of luck to you and please let us know how it turns out (I'm sure fine). Sending you positive thoughts.


Hi Ruth,can imagine what you are going through right now. More often it’s the not knowing and waiting that is so worrying and stressful. If your CA 125 comes in high then I hope your GP will quickly refer you for a scan.

The sooner you know the better.

For many of us the treatment of OC whilst arduous, is considered vital to keep it under control, as many other complaints like diabetes.

You are very young to have this worry and all the more with young children.

I wish you well and a speedy result of your current ailments.

Do let us know how you are getting on

Jackie O xxx

The worst time is waiting for results and I don’t want to sound flippant,but worrying won’t help,(we all do it). It maybe something or nothing, but it sounds like you are getting the tests that are relevant.

We all have family that need us and it is worrying,but try to put it to the back of your mind and do some fun stuff with them to take your mind off,or do something for yourself.

You haven’t had a diagnosis yet, but keep in touch, we are here for you if you need us,


Hi Ruth. waiting is the pits and as Carole says try not to worry (until you have something to worry about, even then worrying wont change anything). Also, if you are anything like the rest of us you have / are googling and driving yourself nuts! so stay off google and enjoy time with yr children until you know wats wat Good luck for your results , do let us know how you get on. Big hug xx Kathy xx

A ct scan together with ca 125 bloods determine whether it is something to worry about. Also it would be good for you to be referred to a gynae for clinical assessment and if there is a need to take it from there he or she will do that, but try not to worry. Your 125 could be raised for several reasons one being an infection who may not realise you have. I wish you well and do come back if you need further help

Please let us know the outcome, Ruth. Feel that circle of warmth around you? That's me giving you a hug.


Thank you so very much for your supportive comments - they have made me feel immeasurably better about things. Just knowing others are out there wishing me well and sending good thoughts is amazing - thank you. I am hoping to have some answers later today and will repost when I hear. xxx

Hi Ruth,

Waiting is terrible. I have found that there’s an element of waiting at every stage, and it doesn’t make it any better!

I can relate to how you are feeling - I’m a similar age to you and I have 2 little girls. Whatever comes of your tests, your medical team will have a plan for you. Try to distract yourself in the meantime.

Vicki x

Just an update to my earlier post - got my CA125 result back and was within normal range. needless to say I am very relieved. I am wondering, though, where that leaves me as I still have all the symptoms - pelvic pain, low back pain, fullness, no appetite, severe bloating. How accurate is the CA125? Should I be pressing for more investigations or looking elsewhere for an answer. Thank you again for your help - so grateful!

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Hi Ruth, I’m in the same position, my CA125 was in normal range of 28, but have same symptoms as you, my gp has sent me for an ultra sound scan which is Wednesday, but due to other problems I can’t have the internal ultrasound. Saw Gynaecologist yesterday and he couldn’t do an internal, so we have to wait for the scan results. I would go back to your GP and ask for an ultrasound scan ASAP.

Good luck and hope it’s an all clear result for both of us.


HI Ruth, You defiantly need to press for more investigation your body is telling you some thing is wrong, if you feel you will not get this from the the team you are with go for a second option, I hope this is all cleared up with the best of results take care..Lorraine xx

Hi Ruth, I agree the waiting is always the worse part, have you had a CT scan or a Pelvic ultrasound? I had pain in my lower back which was originally thought to be kidney stones, which is what led to my diagnosis. Good luck to you hopefully there is no cancer, BUT if there is there are lot of options for treatment and keep on the website, it has saved my sanity many many times. Positive thoughts are headed your way from Canada

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