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Hi everyone, I've not been able to respond or post lately and I'm not sure why but I used to be able to use my phone and now although I can see posts every day when I click on read more or try to respond I get nothing. Had anyone else had this problem? I'm using a tablet now.

Anyway I'm still feeling well and enjoying being a grandma enormously. We've been on fantastic Baltic cruise and away seeing friends in different parts of the uk and now I'm in Spain for 2 weeks.

Unfortunately my last blood test 4 weeks ago showed ca125 rising again which I want surprised at but disappointed of course.

Had 5 lots of chemo in last 10 years and not sure I can core with any more but depends what it is I suppose and how likely it is to knock it back again.

Anyway whilst well I'm traveling a lot and enjoying life as much as possible.

I hope you're having a good summer

Love Francesca x

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Hi Francesca

Yes I have trouble reading the posts from my mobile phone...I can see the posts but when I click on the screen it's clear and won't let me go any further!

It's great to hear your having lots of holidays and enjoying life...long may it continue.

Luanna x


Sorry to hear that your CA 125 has risen Francesca. I hope that the treatment won't interfere with your life too much and that you can carry on enjoying being a grandma and many more cruises in the future.

Love Mary xx


Oh Francesca I am so sorry to read this


Hi Francesca

Glad to hear you are enjoying being a grandma and your cruise and Spain trip sound fabulous! Sorry to hear your CA125 is rising. It is so disappointing when you are feeling so well. (I have been there so many times over the last five years. ) I hope they come up with a good treatment plan for you.

best wishes



Hi Francesca. Glad you are enjoying being a grandma. Its wonderful. Sounds like you have had a wonderful summer. Sorry to hear your CA125 is rising. Mine has too. Had CT scan on 20/8 have appointment for results on 9/9. Dreading it. Ann xo


Dear Francesca, it's lovely to hear from you and really good to hear you're enjoying your various trips, your holidays and being a granny. Long may this happy state continue! I'm sorry to hear your CA125 is on the up. I can imagine just how you feel about that. Let's hope your team come up with a good plan that is right for you.

How odd several of you can't access this forum via mobile phone. Health Unlocked said the most recent changes were to make it more phone-friendly. It is worth contacting them to explain your difficulty in case they say there's something you can do. It's a real bummer not being able to keep in touch. You can contact them by clicking on Help in the green bar - but then if you can't access the site that's not much help is it! They have a Facebook page too, so if you can access that you could mention the problems you're having:

Loads of love xx Annie


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