Sending you all a little sunshine from Florida ☀️

Sending you all a little sunshine from Florida ☀️

Hello lovely people, I just wanted to say a quick hello from sunny Florida & that I'm checking in when I can to see how you all are doing.

After my last minute scan and meeting with Onc before coming away, it's been a nice distraction from it all and although I've had a few on/off pains (& weirdly for me, an 8 day bleed...having thought my periods had all but dried up...assuming that's what it was!?!?) I'm pretty much not thinking about anything other than which rollarcoaster to ride next! It's a liberating place to be for sure!'s a pic of me enjoying one of my husband's American sized G&T's on our balcony yesterday afternoon after a day enjoying the Harry Potter worlds at Universal & Islands of Adventure...this stuff is wasted on kids 😂 (the rides, not the gin!) haha

Love & ((hugs)) to you all!

Jemima xx


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30 Replies

  • Mrs A I am soooooooooo jealous!!! I was there in 2014 and loved Harry Potter world the rides are fab and as for Hogwarts.........AMAZEBALLS!!!!!

    Have a fantastic time!!!


  • We last came this time 4 years ago. Since then, they've built Gringotts and a HP world in Universal too which is connected to the Islands of Adventure HP world via the Hogwarts Express! It's SO cool 😎 X

  • Looking good. Trying not to be livid with envy ....... I think gin would be wasted on kids as a point of fact but am really pleased you're enjoying a sunny time.

    Take care, cheers! Netti x

  • Thanks Netti - trying to send some sunshine back to you ☀️😘😘 hope you're feeling a bit better Hun xx

  • Getting there my lovely, hope you're upside down on some strange ride and having fun. X

  • Just rode Orlando's new, longest, fastest & tallest rollarcoaster on every row (so 8 times!)...great way to start a Wednesday 😁🎢👍🏻 Xx

  • Sooooo jealous!! Can't wait to take the kids to Florida. Have fun xx

  • Thanks hunny...get those adventures planned 😁👍🏻 Xx

  • What a great pic, you look fab. Love the thought of sunshine so please enjoy it for all of us!!

    Clare xx

  • Thanks chica - def enjoying all the sunshine and planning on stuffing some in the suitcase for when we come home ☺️☀️ Hope you're feeling well Hun xx

  • Wonderful! I so can't wait to have a large G&T.. enjoy it all and the sun 😎 you look amazing! Have a nice day now 😉 Love Michelle x

  • Ah Michelle...I hope you can soon too 🍸And thank you 😘 ((Hugs)) xx

  • Cheers jemima .... you look amazing ... have fantastic time ... well jealous ... I haven't been to Florida in years my two kids were so small... they are 26 and 28 now ... with two grandchildren and another on the way ... feeling so old lol ... g&t very impressive ... enjoy xxx

  • Thanks lovely one - I bet your kids have some fantastic memories from that trip! My husband and I are complete kids on the rides...we love it. Will raise my next G&T to too Hun. Keep well xx

  • Florida is fab, we last went with our triplets when they were 9 two years before their Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer...........that was in 2008 and he is now in his 5th year of its my turn............grrr! I would love to go back and do the new stuff, we spent a week on Anna Maria Island which is where I long to be have fun, keep well and enjoy every AWESOME deserve it! xx

  • Wowsers you are one brave lady attempting this place with triplets!!! And wow hasn't your husband done so well, that's so heart warming to hear and long may it last. Maybe you guys should plot and plan another little adventure. Much love Hun xx

  • Hi Jemima, Have a fab holiday, we are all so very jealous and my what an impressive G&T that one is, but they do everything big over there don't they. I just love the USA. Enjoy the lovely sunshine, and you're right, it is all wasted on kids 😂.

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation, charge those batteries, have lots of fun scary rollercoaster rides and have a safe flight home.

    Please check on the bleed when you get back.

    Take lots of care ❤️Xx🎄Jane

  • Thank you Jane - I won't lie, my husband does a mean G&T so just taking advantage of being in the US and blaming them for the size 😏 Loving some of the new rides that have opened since we were last here 🎢 And yes, I'll contact my CNS about the bleed when I get back although I'm pretty sure it's just one of those things. Hope you're well Hun xx

  • Dear Jemima, now that's a proper drink! Have a wonderful Florida trip. Sunshine and excitement and gallon sized g&t's. You deserve a break!🌞T. X

  • Haha thanks Hun 😁🍸 chin chin to us all! Xx

  • You look beautiful. Have s fantastic time.

    Lynne 💞

  • Aw thanks Lynne that's very sweet of you...i'Il certainly do my very best 😘😘

  • I am also so jealous and I love the pic, you enjoy the rest of your holiday.

    Hugs Ellsey xx

  • Thanks Ellsey - raising my glass to you all and sending you all as much sunshine I can muster xx

  • Good for you Jemima!! You look truly relaxed-but who wouldn't be with that G & T!!! wishing you relaxation and sunshine and forgetting about cancer for a while. it sure was not invited on your trip!!!!


  • Thank you Carol, I'll certainly cheers to that! Hope you're keeping well? Xx

  • Brilliant picture. As a gin aficionado that is impressive. I am working my way through my Ginvent calendar as we speak so will raise a toast to you in a smaller volume.

    Have a great time.


  • Haha loving your style Fay! Enjoy! 🍸 Xx

  • Hi Jemima

    That is some G and T ! Wow. When I looked closely I could see it was like a two litre tankard . I will be having one shortly but it will have to be a small one as I don't want to breathe alcoholic fumes on my oncologist tomorrow ! You look fab and sounds like you are having a ball . I was in Orlando many years ago with my young sister and remember going on the scary rides . I'm sure they were tame compared to what they have now .

    Have an absolutely wonderful time . Take care


  • Thank you Molly - not quite 2ltrs (but damn...that's a good idea!) 😏 Hope your meeting with the Onc went well? Yes, there are a few new rides in Orlando...the good old faithful rollarcoasters are my fav...although all the virtual reality stuff is cool...I like old school thrills 🎢😁

    Take care Hun xx

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