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Whilst I was on 1st line chemo I was on Taxol and was told not to drive. I am starting 2nd line next week and will be having Caelyx. I have had conflicting information about driving myself to the appointment. ( I hate having to ask for help all the time). Does anyone have a definite answer or should I go with someone on the 1st treatment?

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I would get someone to drive you for first session . You dont know how you will react. Apart from my first chemo session carbo/taxol I drove myself to all other appointments as I had no after effects. I was never told not to drive though.Also as its 30 mile round trip it would have meant someone coming back for me another 30 miles!

Thank you. I am pleased to hear that you were ok to drive and keeping my fingers crossed that I well be too - subsequently.

I agree with Rosebine. I made sure to have my daughter drive for my first infusion of carbo Doxil (calyx). I had to drive myself once or twice without difficulty. No one advised me not to drive. Good luck. Sashay

Thank you, I have now arranged for a lift there a and I am trying to get one back. Do you happen to know how long this particular infusion takes? (I I have had carboplatin before but not Caelyx)

Offhand, I don’t remember which infusion took how much time.

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Taxol contains alcohol and can put you over drink drive limit.

I didn’t know that, I thought it was because of the copious amount of piriton that they gave me! 😂

The reason why Taxol you shouldn't drive ever after Taxol is because it may take you over the alcohol drink drive limit. You should get told this and it should also be on the contract you sign. So with Taxol no one should ever drive. I have been told this both lines I was given Taxol by two different hospitals.

With other chemo I agree with other posts at least on the first one don't drive as you don't know the impact. Personally I don't drive after any chemo but I am fortunate to have someone who can do it for me.

Good luck with your treatment.

Thank you, I always had someone drive me when I was on taxol. It’s bad enough having this dreadful disease let alone begging for lifts - and all the time pretending to be happy and positive.

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Sashay2020 in reply to SASSY196

Well who knew that about Taxol! Thanks for clueing us in. Sashay

I have never been told not to drive, and have always got myself to and from the hospital.


Well I never knew that about Taxol! I would be lost if I couldnt drive there. Certainly wouldnt be using the hospital transport, you can be there hours waiting for transport home.

Hello. I’ve just checked the info for Taxol on the Cancer Research site…..

Alcohol -

Some brands of this drug contain alcohol (equal to half a glass of wine or half a pint of beer) and may make you drowsy or dizzy, especially if you have drunk alcohol. Don't operate machinery or drive if you feel drowsy.

Hope this helps you


Ive just started on this regime for my first recurrence. The infusion was only 2.5 hours so much easier. Up to now I’ve had no real problems so tolerating it much better. I’m able to drive and did a four mile walk when I got home. Good luck with your treatment .

Thank you 🤞🤞

I Have always been advised not to drive on day of treatment. Think its to do with potential allergic reactions to any chemo drug. Can occur up to 24 hours after entering your stystem. Could you arrange hospital transport if you dint want to ask family or friend's. What would you say to a friend who was told not to drive in the same situation? You'd probably offer them a lift maybe? so people want to help or feel useful..Always your call though. On a point of law if you drive after having been medically advised not to you are driving without insurance. You will not be covered.

Hi , I would definitely not drive to or from your sessions. You probably feel as if you can do it but chemo does affect your responses . I am like you and don’t like relying on other people but my husband drove me there and back — friends offered in case he couldn’t do it. Just make yourself special for once! Hope all goes well for you 🥰

I always drove...carbo taxol caelyx whatever. Always waited until fully awake drank black tea and on I went carefully.

Speaking of caelyx hands not in hot water. Grease them up w shea butter or coconut pil

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