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Has anybody had good results from Caelyx? Also has anyone had Gem/Carbo for 2nd line and then gone onto Caelyx for third line, was it any good? Lovis x

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Hi my name is bluebell I tried Caelyx for my forth line of treatment I had a really bad reaction to it so only had 2lots and my oncologist stopped it I'm now waiting to see what they will give me for my next line of treatment ,hope all goes well with you though x

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Hi Bluebell. When did you get diagnosed? What other chemos did you have? Lovis x


Hi lovis I was diagnosed in February 2010 had debulking surgery then I had carbo/taxol went I remission for a year . Then cisplatin/ gem then gem on its own ,then Caelyx will let you know what their going to try next .the only thing I can say is every one is different and reacts differently to treatments ,hope it all goes well for you let me know x


Hi Bluebell

I had caelyx as 2nd line chemo, having had carbo/ taxel with avastin added from 4th cycle. When disease progressed on Avastin I had surgery then Caeylx. After the first cycle I got a very sore mouth and swollen lips. But after that one reaction it was very easy on me. I also liked the regime, 1 treatment every 4 weeks. Unfortunately the interim scan showed disease progression and I am now on Topotecan and waiting results of interim CT scan. My disease is platinum resistant so not able to have carboplatin again. Really hope caelyx works for you and treats you well.

Maureen x


Hi Lovis.

I am not on Caylex but I am on third line treatment. I am on Carbo/Etopiside and it is wonderful. It's the best treatment so far for side effects in fact it seems to have cleared up some of the residual left over side effects from the last two treatments 1st line: Taxol/Carbo 2nd Line: Avastin/Gem/Carbo then just Avastin.

I have heard good and bad things about Caylex it is heavy stuff for some but as everyone is reacts somewhat differently I wouldn't let that put you off. I'm in in two weeks time and will be checking my Ca125 etc to see if how I feel equates with what is going on internally.

If you need anymore info about Etopiside/Carbo let me know.

Wishing you all the best with 3rd line.




Hi Lovis.

I had my first Caelyx yesterday. All went well but was a bit shocked the drug is red, not clear, which seemed a bit odd.

I had Carboplatin 1st line then carbo/Taxol 2nd line now Caelyx 3rd line.

I'm feeling good at the moment as long as the drug works everything is worth it.

Hope you get on alright with your treatment.

Best wishes

Sue xx


Hi Lovis. I had Caelyx as 2nd line. Best bit was that it was every 4 weeks and took less time than taxol/carboplatin. I had a sore mouth middle of each cycle but the mouthwash they gave me helped, as did ice cream and frozen yogurt. All the best Clare




I had caelyx and carbo as my second line treatment and had excellent results ( onc said scan after finishing treatment was clear & looked like one from a "normal" person!)

I too had a sore mouth and delays due to low blood counts, also developed an odd rash that made me look like a giraffe!

Hope it works as well for you too

Love Brenda x


Hello Brenda. My Mum is having just Caelyx (2nd line). She had her second lot on Friday. The CT scan around the second three month check (first one was very positive) showed small amounts of cancer 'near' pancreas and lymph glands which I found alarming. I was wondering about your recurrence and where the cancer cells had been found. I'm so nervous about Mum having a CT scan and I think it will be after three or four chemos. The oncologist told her they wouldn't know if the chemo is working until after 3 or 4 sessions.

Although at Mum's first three month scan on 7 Oct 2014 (I was with her) the oncologist said her cancer cell count was 'back to normal' I'm sure her CA125 was 80, up from 14 just before her final chemo at beginning of Aug 2014. Then three months later on 6 Jan 2015 Mum went with a friend for her next three month check and her CA125 was up to around 355. And it was then they told her about the small amounts of cancer near pancreas/lymph glands. I was just amazed how the CA125 rocketed. It was such a blow for Mum as she thought she'd beaten it. I still live in hope though. She is looking and feeling really well considering what she's going through.

Anyway, best wishes and good luck with your treatment.

Jane X


Hi Jane

My story is a bit different, the caelyx/carbo wasn't for a recurrence, I was initially told that they could not operate as my cancer was too widespread.

However after six doses of taxol/carbo and almost 12 months on avastin a scan showed so much disease reduction that they decided to operate. I had a full radical hysterectomy and they managed to remove almost everything and then the 6 doses of caelex/carbo to take care of the cancer left behind.

I had a scan 3 weeks ago which was clear, and they continue to keep an eye on me for now.

The caelyx/carbo combination worked well on my small spots of cancer. it can be slow to work but it seemed to continue to work for me for quite a while after I had the last one.

I really hope it works for your mum and I have been told that there are still many more treatments available to me in the future as and when I need them.

Love Brenda x


Hello Brenda. Yours is a positive story. I'm so pleased for you. It's so reassuring for you knowing there are more treatments in future. I think the fear is being told that there's nothing else available! Mum's oncologist told her he wouldn't know if the Caelyx is working until after the third or fourth chemo. I think she'll be dreading the scan. Mum did so well with the initial chemo so I'm really hoping this Caelyx will keep the cancer under control. Best wishes. Jane x


Apologies for delay, have been having carbo/caelyx got 6th session next week. Not had any side effects, no sore mouth or skin so everyone is different does not mean you will get them, I think its Ok only thing I would say it seems to seep out of the pores, I kept noticing a strange smell so I kept having showers it wears off after about a week but I don't like the smell that's all! Good luck xx


Trish, where are you having treatment? Love Marlies x


I am second line sixth Caelyx middle scan showed marked improvement , I'm fine I don't seem to have any side effects worth mention . I don't take the steriods as I can't sleep with them . I like Caelyx good keeping your hair u forget your sick all the best Annie x


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