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Should I be worried

18 months ago I was sent for a ct scan by my Gp as I was getting excruciating pain in my right side the ct scan revealed nothing on my right side at all but it did find an ovarian cyst on my left ovarie 9cm I was told by my gyno that it was a simple cyst but they booked me in for a total hysterectomy as I had 15 years previous had a sub total hysterectomy anyway I wasn't in pain with it but the gyno didn't like the size of it I should have had the surgery 12 months April gone but due to family reasons I couldn't have it done the monitored me every 3 months the cyst got smaller it went from 9cm to 6cm this was good news meanwhile I was still getting pain in my right side of my pelvis but there was no mention of that at all then tow weeks ago I had another us one of many but this time it hurt my gyno said that the cyst had got bigger and now measured 8.5cm and is now a complex cyst they have found that there Is an iregular wedge shape of dark matter and my right ovarie is no longer visible I have been give oct 9 for my laparotomy I an so scared as I know what it was like the last time I had surgery should I be concerned about the complex cyst I am 48 and I'm having symptoms of sweating episodes feeling full all the time feeling sick and at times being sick not sleeping tired all the time indigestion when I do eat and drink a little weight loss and generally feeling unwell can anyone please help advise me as to weather I should be concerned

I'm on tramadol for the pain in my right side

Many thanks Sandra x

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Forgot to mention my ca125 level is 10

Sandra x

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Hi Sandra, if you're worried about the feeling full, sickness and a bit of weight loss, you might like to look at our parent site,

On there, there is a BEAT ovarian cancer symptom tracker where you can check, record and print out your symptoms. It may help. There are also lots of fact sheets, under the resources heading.

I found that preparing for my op by taking arnica tablets maybe helped (it can't hurt!) and I found that after the op, drinking peppermint tea helped my system to get back to normal a bit quicker. It's very soothing too.

It's best to get all the symptoms sorted out and to be able to get on with your life without any more worries...apart from the menopause! You may find a site called menopause matters useful, or a USA site called Hystersisters may help with your op. They're both reliable and have been found useful

All the best

Love Wendy xx

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Thank you Wendy for your advise I have taken it and started the beat checker and I have also checked the symptoms for the menopause and although I am showing signs of it which I expected because of my age the symptoms I am experiencing are not matching I did request time to be given to me before my opp as I am a full time carer for my sister whom I live with as she is profoundly disabled both mentally and physically so I needed time to make arrangements for her . But I am concerned about the dark irregular wedge shape that I read on my files any ideas what this could possible be sorry to bug you don't mean to be a pest I'm just worried about the wedge. Sandra xx


Sorry, Sandra, I can't help you there...I have no idea what that might be. Why don't you give Ruth or Susan a ring on 0845 371 0554 after 10 tomorrow morning, they're nurses and may be able to help you. They're lovely and won't mind you ringing at all.

It sounds said you've got a lot on your plate, but you've sometimes got to put your own needs first, to be able to look after others.

Take care

Love Wendy xx


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