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Travel Insurance for Europe


Can anyone help me with the cheapest travel insurance because my bank will cover me for everything except remission for cancer because it all happened this year. I would be most grateful and thanks.


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Hiya, there have been several threads on the question of insurance , I know cos I asked the question too!

I haven't got the insurance yet as they would only cover me a month prior to travel, but MIA insurance have been the cheapest and easier to deal with so far. I'm within a year of diagnosis and just finished chemo etc. I'm travelling to the Canaries.

But as I've not been insured with them (yet) can't advocate their efficiency etc but at least the quote wasn't as expensive as the holiday which I had found with several other companies



If you do a search on "travel insurance" - annoyingly you now need to put int your search term ( top right) and then press enter key - you'll find the discussions....

I've just been renewing my insurance today and am going with Insure and Go for the third year. This is annual cover for me and husband. We've both had cancer (my last treatment finished December 2013). The cover is pretty good and excludes our medical conditions. I've only once taken cover and it was very expensive.

My thinking, like many others on here, is that holidays are not usually long enough for symptoms to show which weren't there before, if we're feeling fit, and as long as we have a fallback plan of how we would get back if they symptoms appeared, we can do with the exclusions.

From my limited experience, the companies seem to fall into one of 3 categories:

1) If you have medical condition, they won't cover you at all, whether or not you want it covered

2) If you have medical condition, there's a choice : will cover you or you can exclude the condition

3) Companies targetting those of us who are more seriously ill and who will not allow cover for the condition to be excluded. I think MIA falls into that category- that's certainly what I was told today but I didn't get as far as a quote.

If I were starting from scratch I'd try insurancewith (over the phone) which had the most sensible medical screening but crashed and/or refused me before giving me a quote.

Explorer was also reasonable.

Make sure to check the small print. I had words today with Staysure who ask about medical treatments in the last 2 years on the health screening, but in the FAQs says you have to declare everything......really makes you confident in their company.... a pity as their prices are reasonable....

Oh and - the Eurotunnel cover was recommended by someone and when I looked it did look good - just not going to be travelling that way.....

Good luck and enjoy your holiday!


I bought mine yesterday from Allclear. I was diagnosed in April this year after emergency surgery, had radical hysterectomy in May, which got it all so no chemo. However i am just waiting for investigation as to why my white cell count continues to rise.

i wanted insurance for a week in Ibiza, which also includes my 15 year old and covers everything, medical, baggage, etc and the cost was £148. Hope this gives you an idea.


Choose the travel insurer you prefer . Declare your cancer but say that you would not be making any claim that it directly attributable to the cancer . You can then go away fully insured for everything except your cancer problems . Don't forget to take your EHIC card with you which will cover you for all other day to day health problems . Your insurance will cover you for illnesses and health problems that are not cancer related and are not pre existing


I was insured by MIA when I went to the Netherlands at the end of April. This was 2 months after finishing chemo which did very little (only 1 of my tumours shrank, others grew), so I still had active OC (4th recurrence). I went to Cyprus two years ago on ordinary insurance without being covered for OC or my diabetes, as I was in remission with OC as far as I was aware, & didn't expect any problems. But this time I wanted cover, as I knew I had active disease, & also had emergency surgery last year for a strangulated incisional hernia. Fortunately, I didn't need any medical treatment while overseas on either occasion.



Thanks to everyone for your replies and I will look at the ones you suggested.



One company wanted £3000 just for me!!! Mia wouldn't insure me until 4 weeks before we go and I didn't want that as I can't afford to book flights and then be told they won't insure me. We eventually got cover with Good to Go they were the cheapest and they were £1400 for the two of us. May be the last time we go abroad. Lol.



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