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Travel Insurance

Has anybody got any recommendations please for travel insurance- I am struggling to get anything affordable! Im guessing its because i was diagnosed less than a year ago and am currently on avastin.

Gail x

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Hi there. There have been many threads on this site about travel insurance. I've no experience of it myself but loads of the ladies have x Trish


Hi there,

I always find "insurance with" the most reasonable, and I know others have found Mia to be reasonable too,

good luck with this,


Jan x


Hiya, I asked this question a few weeks ago and am in a similar situation to you, being less than a year from diagnosis and will only be a few months chemo free. From raining around I've found that MIA insurance are my best bet. They won't insure you more than a month before travel but are happy to give you an approx idea as to cost before then. Where are you going to travel to? I've found cover for the USA difficult to say the least, but that's long term planning. We are heading to the Caneries first and can get cover for there.

Dawn xx


Just in relation to a later post, most companies we're quoting more than the holiday, MIA quoted £60 for the week, which for me is peace of mind included much better than the £1800 I was quoted by another company!

(I too am on Avastin )


Hi Gail, I was diagnosed last Aug, all treatment completed, I went to Ibiza in June and the insurance that comes with my bank account covered me for everything except anything related to oc, as I had the all clear in feb, I took a chance that nothing would happen in a week, there was no extra cost but they did say if I hadnt told them any claim for anything else would be void. I think if you try and get cover for anything cancer related it will cost you more than the holiday!

Hope you get it sorted and have a lovely trip

Andrea x


Try Mia Insurance, they're very competitive and helpful and specialise in insuring people with cancer.


MIA insured me for £43 for a trip to Spain which was brilliant after one company quoted me more than I was paying for the holiday! I would recommend MIA to anyone. Have a lovely well deserved holiday xx


We are hopefully off to Florida in September and got a good quote from insurancewith. I was diagnosed with of 3c in March 13. Avis



My husband & I went to the Netherlands at the end of April, & were insured with MIA. I currently have OC, with several tumours in my abdomen, & had just finished chemo, which had had very little effect. I'm also diabetic, which insurance companies don't seem to like, & take 3 different tablets to control my blood pressure. My husband also has health problems. Someone had recommended to me another company, which she said insured people with health problems, but they refused to insure us, & another company quoted a much higher price than MIA. We did though, have to take with us a letter from our GP saying that we were fit to travel, which we were told we would need to show if we needed treatment while abroad. But that was no problem. And fortunately neither of us needed any treatment



I am lucky enough to have health insurance and I can do a multitrip with it which covers existing illness for 50 euro annually. Thank god have never had to use it. On Avastin at the moment only, my oncologist doesnt agree with a patient flying for more than tw hours on this drug so that is grand with me. I have to ask him next visit. Havent any plans made and wont until I have next scan and see him in August. I am probably more scared at the idea of going away from comfort zone than anything else. We did do a trip down to Kerry a few weeks ago and I got very ill after dinner and next day. Could have been a bug or the Heat plus Avastin or the food. Had lamb shank which I suspect was too greasy.


Recommend Insure Cancer


Hi Gail

I worked quite closely with Juliet Morrison from the Ovacome charity last year and we ran an editorial in the Ovacome magazine about travel insurance for your medical condition.

We offered a special 10% discount to the Ovacome members if they quoted OVA when contacting us. Free Spirit Travel insurance can cover the majority of medical conditions including ovarian cancer and we are passionate about helping people get the peace of mind insurance they need to travel.

Do not hesitate to contact us or Juliet for further information about Free Spirit Travel Insurance.

Who ever you insure with, have a great holiday.

Regards - Rachel

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My insurance company wanted £800 so we cancelled the holiday. Its such a rip off in the end my daughter took the holiday and glad to say she had a great time, the holiday company charged her £300 to change the names and a further £80 for luggage even though we had already paid this. RYAN AIR rip off. how can the administration charge that amount? to change a name on booking form. Think before you book any thing and check charges if you cannot go etc.

Love Jenny xxx


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