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Mum was due her third taxol on the trial yesterday. She had a massive nosebleed and is missing it this week. Will it make a difference!

Hello ladies, I have not been on here for a few weeks. Mum is on the trial where she has a big blast of carboplatin and then a third of taxol every week. She was due her last third of taxol yesterday but before she went she had a big nosebleed and ended up having it quarterised and a bung up it which will dissolve. Her platelets were very low and she had a transfusion and has to inject fragmin for the next four days as her neutrophils were low too. They said theta they think she might have had too much chemo. She had put weight on cos of the fluid and they based the chemo on this but she is only about eight and a half stone usually. I just wanted some advice really....and some reassurance.....don't know if this has happened to anyone else? I have been so positive the last week or so but am so upset by this hiccup. Thank you ladies xxxx

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I know it must be distressing but the delay shouldn't make any difference to the outcome. So many of us had chemo postponed because of low blood counts. My third one was delayed for this reason. Like your mum, I was swollen with ascites, put on a stone in weight because of the fluid. By the time I had the op it had disappeared and I was able to wear my own clothes again. I finished treatment for stage 3c in January 2012 and so far no recurrence. Wishing loads of luck to your mum and hope things will soon improve.

Love Mary xx


Like Citrine says a delay shouldnt make a difference. Ive had several delays for low blood, an anaphalactic shock etc and im still here nearly 7 years on. currently in remission. wishing yr mum well xxx


Good morning,

Something very similar happened to me too, less that a week before my son's wedding in 2012. I was fine after the transfusion, full of energy and the wedding was fab! I know how scary all this is for loved ones but this site is full of positive stories so do read them, they can help so much. I was diagnosed with PPC in April 2012, grade 3c. The chemo will still be doing its work for your mum.

Sending you lots of virtual hugs and very best wishes.

Sue x


I wasn't on the trial, I got my carbo/taxol combined every 3 weeks. My we hits blood cell count went very low and I went from a 3 week intervals to 8 weeksd on one occasion. Try not to worry too much, it still dfid its job and at the end of t he 6 cycles in which I had another 2 delays, each of one week, my scan showed no sign of any visible disease. Love to u both. Ann xo


Hello. I was on the ICON8 trial and had the same regime as your mum.

I also had terrible nosebleeds, but managed to stop them before I needed intervention.

I had my chemo delayed several times but I finished the course. I had two blood transfusions and was re-hydrated three times and must say that after the new blood I felt like a new woman, thank God for blood donors. I managed to get to my gold badge for blood doners, now I have had some back.

Don't be too upset about this hiccup, nearly everyone goes through it, stay strong and positive for mum, she's lucky to have someone like you.

Take care of mum and yourself, love n hugs Irene xxxx


Thank you so much ladies. It is sooooo appreciated to know you have someone who knows what you are going through. God bless you all xxxx


Hi there, my first round of Gem knocked me for six really, then eight days later got the same dose. I was floored and my white cells way down. That had never ever happened to me. So they adjusted the dose and gave me steroids as well and that helped the problem. I would expect the treatment your Mum has been given will sort her out now. We do get hiccups along the way, in fact its unusual not to so please dont worry too much. Hope your Mum will pick up in a few days. If you have any concerns do talk to the oncology nurses, they will help you.



My first line chemo was like your mother´s. Had to receive 3 times blood transfusions, many shots to raise white cells and many delays due to these problems. So it´s normal to postpone some chemos. Good luck for your mother.

Hugs, Fernanda


Thank you ladies. I am having a bit of a bad day today. Cried on the way to work. Mum's hair was coming out over the weekend so we decided to shave it off. I was fine at the time but i can't get it out of my head now. She has a lovely wig (although we are not allowed to call it that - we call it 'Ed!) and looks gorgeous in it. Just catching up with me today I think. I just dont know what to feel anymore. I HATE to see my mum suffering like this and I so wish it could be me instead. thanks again lovely ladies. Louise xxxx


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