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so sorry about the loss of your daughter. I am new to all this. and im scared...i am going for an ultrasound tomoro. i have all the signs of

OC and i am hoping of coarse that its not oc? i just wondered what else it could be ?I have all the things listed that make one at risk.. can a common growth cause all the same symptoms as oc? is there a good chance it might not be oc??? I have the abdominal pain, freq urination, back pain bloated stomach. cant eat. i hate jumping to a conclusion but it seems so clear...yikes

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This time last year I was in exactly the same position as you with exactly those symptoms. My cons referred me for an MRI scans and I also had CA125 blood test. Have you had this blood test yet? It is not reliable for all ovarian cancers (there are many different types) but in my type it was. Despite having all the results, my cons would not confirm that I had ovarian cancer, he just kept telling me "we need to see what surgery reveals'. The day after Sx he came to c me and said 'its as we suspected ...'.

It is very easy for people to say to you not to worry, but having been there, its near on impossible!

In short, I don't know whether a simple ovarian cyst can cause the same symptoms as ovarian cancer. I coped with knowing I had all the symptoms of ovarian cancer by preparing myself mentally for bad news and sure if it wasn't, then that was a bonus! Not everybody would agree with my methods but it worked for me and by the time the news was delivered to me on 13 June 2013 I was reasonably calm and accepting of it. Of course I had questions like why me, how long has this been there etc but they are questions that can't be answered!

I wish you well as you go through investigations etc. Don't Google too much, it could drive you insane. There are lots of ladies on this site who are many many years down line from your current position, so don't dwell on the negativity that some of the info on Google portrays.

Please come back and let us know how you have got on. Thinking of you. Ann xo

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Dear Zoe,

I am sorry that you are having all this worry and I hope your problems and uncertainty will get sorted out soon.

I am a bit mystified with the start of your post though, you start off with a condolence to a recent loss, it might be better if you edited this and posted your condolences on the thread pertaining to this ....(as it can come across a bit distressing to some) ... I realise that you are new but the start of your post doesn't have any bearing on what your are going through.

I think most of us can relate to your anxiety though ... Best wishes love x G x

You could give the ovacome helpline a ring tel 0845 371 0554 or 0207 299 6650


You have some sound, caring and wise advice from Gwyn. I hope you get things sorted and you're on the way to recovery soon. T x


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