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Please offer advise as to who should check CT scan

Hello, this is my first post and I apologise in advance as I am at a crossroads and will be following either the no OC path or the OC path depending on investigative outcome. My situation is various symptoms (back pain, bloating, frequent urination, pain, nausea) which led to a US scan which has come back clear but makes reference to 8mm endometrial thickness and posterior fibroid. I have a climbing CA125 and a GP reluctant to arrange a CT scan to rule out OC and instead he wants to arrange a gastroscopy which in his words "could take ages" as such, I have decided to arrange a private CT scan with a referral from my GP. My question is this, late yesterday afternoon the GP surgery called advising they were sending the referral (after I had provided hospital details and a fax number) but they were asking who I want to review the scan.

I have no idea! I assumed the GP would arrange this once the results were passed to them. Is this usual practice? If not, who should be reviewing the scan? Sorry to post without a diagnosis, but I am very confused and feel a little let down by my GP, yes they were good at arranging an US and blood test, but now, I feel like I am in limbo and walking through custard having to arrange these (hopefully rule out) tests myself.

Thank you all in advance.

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Have only read this quickly, but usually following a scan you get a report from the (radiologist?) who performs the scan. This tends to then be fed back/reviewed/interpreted by whoever's care you are under? I would call back the GP surgery perhaps and ask if they are happy to review, unless you go under a private Gynacologist in which case they would review...it's a bit tricky as you are straddling private & NHS at present I guess... if you are intending to mainly continue any care on the NHS i.e. GP surgery, perhaps they are best to handle your ongoing care, even with the private scan. Hope that makes sense. I'm no expert, but have been having private care, so my GP not involved at all, & my Gynacologist & Oncologist just deal with stuff, & cc in my doctors surgery...

Good luck with the scan x


Than you for the quick reply, I appreciate it, I will call the GP again and ask that they review or forward on to Gynae for review.

I was rather hoping given the collective symptoms that my GP would arrange the CT which would have made this more straightforward. I am arranging to expedite and to alleviate my fear.

Thank you again x


I was always under the impression that GPs can not arrange CT scans but they had to be organised by a consultant.

During routine scan provided on the NHS the scans are undertaken by technicians but the reports are then prepared by a consultant radiologist as they are the experts in interpreting the images. The report would then be sent to the consultant requesting the scan.

I think you are right to go back to your GP and ask what they mean by review and ask them to explain the process to you.


A radiologist, plus gyno/Oncologist follow up if suspicious. Ask for a CA125 blood test too


Hello Kellybonnon

As the other members have said, the process which needs to happen is that following the scan the images are reviewed by a consultant radiologist who will sign off the report. Another option as well as checking with the GP would be to check with the private scan provider if the review and sign-off is part of the process and the signed-off report will be sent to the GP, or if the review of the images and report needs to be arranged separately. If you give the private provider a ring they should be able to confirm this for you in advance.

I hope this is clarified for you soon.

Best wishes


Support Service Manager


I would have hoped that the cost included a report but I guess you should never assume these things


Thank you all for taking the time to reply; I was thrown by the GP secretaries call as I assumed they'd be looked at! Like you say, best not to assume. I will call the GP and also ask the CT provider when they call to arrange the appointment.


Sorry, I seem to have 2 names! I think because I logged in via Facebook; I have taken your advice and am arranging to see a gynaecologist privately to see before and after the scan. As I'm travelling 60 miles I am hoping both can be arranged for the same day. GP has sent a referral for both now and I have to call the hospital tomorrow to get a date.

Feel like I've taken a bit of control over the whole thing and am much happier than I was first thing this morning.

Thank you all for taking the time to help me.

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Just want to add one thing: did you have a trans vaginal US? My OC was diagnosed by US but the technician first did an external (ie just over my tummy) said it looked like fibroids. He then said he'd do a trans vaginal US if I wanted but I didn't have to. I thought well I'm here, he might as well. Thank goodness I did! Apparently the organs (which I no longer have: uterus, falopian tubes, ovaries) can mask the US so trans vaginal important if unpleasant.

I for one am not impressed that you've had to go private to get further investigations done but I truly hope yours will NOT be OC. Good luck xx

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Hi, no I haven't. I'm seeing a private gynae now too, maybe I should suggest this or ask their views before the CT? This is all very confusing 🤔. I'm also very disappointed I'm having to arrange these tests myself. I wasn't happy to wait another 8 weeks or more given the rising CA125.

Thank you for your reply.


I wouldn't put a halt on the private appointment, but I think you should go back to your GP asap and show him what I've said about trans vaginal. It was my GP who told me about why trans vaginal could be more revealing. It should be him referring you for these tests. I'm very sorry you're not as well supported as I was.

Final note: of course still likely not to be OC so fingers crossed xx


HI Wingmam,

I saw my Gyny consultant privately (to speed things up as we were starting IVF and it seemed that the 'cyst' was benign). It was the best thing I did- had loads of time to go through things and then decided to have USS done privately too (she did both external and internal). Both the consultant and the radiographer reviewed the results... he was also happy to refer me back into his NHS list but as I said, we had time pressures... At all points, my GP was also involved and really supportive.

Anyway to cut a long story short, I went on to opt to have the cyst removed privately too- as it wasn't considered high risk, I would have waited 3months otherwise. At all points, i found it very easy to move back and forth between NHS and private. I do appreciate we were in a very fortunate position to be able to do this... It also transpired to have been incredibly fortunate for me as meant it was caught early and stage 1c...

As others have said, the likely result will not be OvCA... shall be hoping for you XXX


Here in Australia the experts at the medical imaging facility provide a report to accompany the scan which gets sent (electronically or on CD) to the specialists and GP that you specify - you also get a copy of the report and scan. A CT scan isn't definitive and can miss small masses.

Good luck with getting a clear diagnosis.

Best wishes Dawn


Currently waiting for CT scan. The consultant (who I've had to pay to see) is astonished I've not been referred on the 2 week protocol. He read my notes, examined me, asked for urgent repeat of bloods and sent me for scan (GP still hadn't faxed the request)

I'll get the results on Wednesday.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply


Please keep us posted and will be praying for good results.


A quick update; CT has shown a cyst but the repeated bloods have come down to 38, so that is a positive. I've to go back in 4 weeks.

Thanks all again.

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