I am only 33 and I am experiencing all the symptoms of OC; but is this really possible at my age?

I look like I am 6 months pregnant, I'm nauseous, really tired, lower back pain, heartburn, pelvic pains and groin. Pains down my legs and arms, like a trapped nerve pain. I'm constantly burping, which I never do! I have been feeling like this for a month now and have an appointment with my GP on Tuesday but I'm worried I'm going to sound stupid and she will just brush it off because of my age and no history. Am I being ridiculous? Could it be something else?

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  • Hi I am surprised no one has responded to you earlier, I think your post must have been missed somehow. I don't think anyone is ridiculous to have an eye on their health especially having learned so much about this particular disease. Certainly age is not a definite barrier to getting OC, although it is of course more widespread among those older than you. I would suggest you visit the Ovacome website where you can find a symptom checker and if necessary contact the nurse led helpline who I am sure will advise you better than I can.

    Best wishes

    Andy x

  • Hi there- unfortunately age is no barrier when it comes to cancer! Although OC is more common in older women I was diagnosed at 31. It certainly sounds like you have symptoms the need investigating and hopefully it will be something much more benign than OC.

    Good luck with your Dr's appointment and I hope you get some answers.


  • Hi you certainly aren't being ridiculous and your symptoms certainly need checking out. Good luck with your appointment on Tuesday and please let us know how you get on.


    Zannah x

  • Hi! Sorry you are having this worry. You maybe need some reassurance and maybe factual evidence. Why don't you have a look at ovacome.org. Uk On there you'll find a BEAT symptom tracker. You can check, record and print out your symptoms to take along to the next appointment. It gives you a calm way of discussing what you're feeling. There are also Factsheets on there, under the 'resources' heading. I hope it helps.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hello, unfortunatly OC can affect young women too. I was 30 when diagnosed with OC. When u see your GP and send u home with paracetamol please fight for futher investigation like ultrasound or ct scan. Another way to speed up things is to go through A&E. Even if GP send u for ultrasound it could take up to 3 months. Time is precious. U must be in lots of pain, poor u.

    Love zuzi x

  • Agree with all the above ladies. I'm 36 and diagnosed 7 weeks ago. The nurse said they had a case of someone in early to mid twenties recently. Ask for an ultra sound or CT scan and if possible a CA125 (ovarian cancer marker) blood test. (I live in HOng Kng so not sure if it's possible in the UK, but I had blood taken for a CA125 test on the first visit to the clinic when OC was suspected.) You deserve to be treated seriously, it's your life and no one shoud dismiss you for asking more questions and making sensible demands. Earlier is definitely better than later. Best wishes and stay positive!

  • Hi there; yes, it's possible, but is more common in older ladies. I was 35 when diagnosed. Do track your symptoms using Ovacome on line checker and don't let your GP fob you off. Chances are you'll have to be checked for lots of other things first, but here's hoping it's not cancer xx

  • Much more common in older ladies, but my DD was 16. Four years on she is doing well and appears to be symptom free now - MRI scan on Friday this week. Don't let your dr fob you off. Write down all of your symptoms and take the list in with you in case you forget any of them. Stress how worried you are.

    Here's hoping you are taken seriously. Let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes, Honey xxx

  • I was 28 when diagnosed and am on my 3rd recurrance. You know your own body and know when something does not feel right. Make sure you see someone and don't be fobbed off. I was initially and had to keep on making appointments and really push to be proven right. If I had not have been so pushy I don't know what the outcome would be today. I now no longer see anyone but the top people. I am not interested in seeing the junior doctors etc, no disrespect to them, but when you are dealing with something like cancer you want the best help, care and advise. Hope all goes well for you xx

  • Hi, I have just received your post today, Tuesday. If you haven't yet been to your GP, print off the symptom tracker, complete it and take it with you to show tyo your GP. Hopefully your GP will carry out a CA125 blood test for you and refer you for ultrasound scan, as per NICE guidelines issued in April 2011. Wishing you well. Ann xo

  • I totally agree with thesilent1 - get it checked out. There are other things it could be besides OC but that needs to be excluded. I had weeks of going to a GP before they took any notice and found OC they are lucky I haven't sued.

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