What test will a gynaecologist specialist do?

Hi there, I've been suffering with some pain for possibly 3 years or more. The beginning of last year i was referred to a urologist as doctors kept finding blood and white cells in my urine making them think its infection and they kept prescribing me antibiotics which never helped. I visited hospital on a regular basis i had numerous bloods, scans and examinations all come back normal. I then went through with a bladder cystoscopy and hydrodistension biopsy in January 2014, nothing found. I met with my urologist yesterday and he has said there's no more he can do so he's referring me on to a joint clinic which specialises in women who have symptoms and pain that are not related to infection. He says its uncommon but it does happen. Im nervous as i don't know what other examinations they might perform but i do have a lot of stomach pain, stabbing, dull aches and bloating, also nausea loss of appetite and slight back discomfort, I'm also pale in the face. Can anyone help please I'm very stressed and nervous.


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  • Hi there. Normal tests are blood (ca125 ) , ultrasound, CT scan and transvaginal. If your worried about the tests themselves don't be they are all simple and straight forward. It is good you are getting checked out properly. X Trish

  • Thanks Trish!

    What is transvaginal?

    Im also always in hospital going to A&E but feel that i need to take myself again today, they wont find anything and send me home am i silly to go again and see someone im in bad pain :/


  • It is like an internal ultra sound.

    I hope you get some results at A&E x Trish

  • Thanks Trish i didnt go to hospital but wont be long before i do need to go. Thank you x

  • Internal ultrasound and needle aspiration might be done as well as bloods x

  • Oooh sounds slightly painful x

  • Ask them if they are carrying out a CA125 test and if they aren't, ask them to do one (just a blood test). Good luck. Ann xo

  • Thanks all for advice, i didnt get to A&E but if i should need to go i will most definently ask them which bloods they are doing. Im just never getting any results. :( x

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