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blood clots again


Saw onc. on Tuesday stomach full fluids and hard to breath so out of breadth, I asked if I should go back on Innohep anti coagulant injections he said no fluid pressing on lungs? call on Wednesday for scan next day yesterday, on new state of the ark CT scanner, at childrens hospital ( felt guilty using m/c for youngsters ) Seemed much more thorough normally straight home after but told to wait speaking to onc. I could not wait as had to get back to work and relieve staff. 10 mins later call at work from onc. blood clots on both lungs need injections urgently they rang my doctor to get me weighed ( for correct dose ) and to get prescription immediately. Now wondering why the onc. did not know blood clots from my symptons something that has happened before.Now waiting to get drained and find out how far the b------ds have grown again, Cannot fault the hospital on speed shown getting scan etc. Will be in touch when I know more.

Love to all Jenny xxx

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Hi hope things improve soon with the injections, I presume your scan was a CTPA which looks at lungs looking for clots. These results tend to be immediate due to the seriousness of the condition. Wow a state of the art (ark means ancient) scanner, its good to see technology being upgraded. Xx

jennybutler in reply to Hidden

Yep I meant to put ART well spotted lol the old scanner was ancient compared to this new one, hope your doing ok love Jenny


Dear Jenny,

I am sorry that you have yet another thing to worry about.. at least like you say they have been speedy... which is very reassuring..

Thinking of you love x G x

So sorry to hear what you are going through Jenny. Hope things will take a turn for the better very soon. Thinking of you.

Love Mary xx

Hi Jenny so sorry to hear you are having such a rough time. Hope the injections help with your breathing and things take a turn for the better soon


Ally xx

Thank you all for your good wishes that's why I love this site, all so so caring.

Love Jenny xxx

Sorry to hear you're having a tough time of it, but glad to hear the team at St M's were quick to get things moving. Hope you get sorted and more comfortable soon.


jennybutler in reply to Pimkin81

Thanks Claire we are lucky with Katy and Jane our Mac. nurses they really get things moving, It all happened so quickly one min. fine then WHAM back to square one again. Hope your keeping well.

Love Jenny xx

Sorry to hear this Jenny, my Jenny went through all that so I know how hard it is for you. Stay strong. Sending love and best wishes. Alan xx

jennybutler in reply to aljen

So sweet of you to reply. hope you are coping ok without Jenny and glad your still with us on line,I think weekends are the worst time when we loose someone so close but hope your family helping you through, I have told my husband to carry on with all his hobbies (to numerous to mention ) Golf, reading, music, chess, and now god help me learning to play the Clarinet, even my lovely springer spanniel Poppy walks out of the room when he starts practicing. He knows I will be watching him from above and that we will meet again, I hope you too have this faith?

Luv. and Hugs Jenny xxx

aljen in reply to jennybutler

Thanks Jenny, although I do not feel Jenny's presence at the moment I'm sure she is proud of our family and the way we have dealt with things. Jenny was very brave and did not complain at all about her treatment and I and my family are so proud of the way she conducted herself, which in turn has also given us strength. I do have faith Jenny and I am sure when my time comes she will be waiting to greet me and we can continue enjoying our retirement. Good luck in the days and weeks to come. Love and best wishes. Alan xx

Dear Jenny, hope that the injections work quickly and that they relieve the pressure on the lungs. It's good that the problem was diagnosed and treated fairly quickly but it's {#+* that you're having all this worry

Thinking of you

Love Wendy xx

Sorry you're having a rough time, Jenny. Do hope you'll be more comfy soon. I so admire the fact that you're still working!!

Will be thinking of you, love Solange.

jennybutler in reply to Solange

I find working actually helps me to cope, but not much choice as my own business and I sit down a lot. love Jenny xx

Glad they diagnosed so quickly, hope it soon clears up Gillx

Hope you are feeling more comfortable xx

Expletive deleted that this has happened. But hope the injections works quickly and well - they did for me last year (cellulitis & ?DVT). Hope it's reassuring that your medical team are on the ball and take prompt action when they need too. Best wishes, Vxxx - apologies for late response - in a different time zone.


Hi Jenny .. This must have been frightening with lots of emotions. Are the clots part of Ovarian or separate? I can feel your guilt about using the children's scanner but it'll just be a case that it's a joint facility which just happens to be sited there. I was wondering what stage and grade you are Jenny? Hope things get back to normal soon. Xx

jennybutler in reply to Hidden

stage 3 serous ov since 2010 had 2 lines so far, love Jenny xxx

Hello Jenny, sounds like quite a traumatic time you had. So glad they spotted the clots quickly and I hope the injections soon do their job. Its amazing that you are able to work still.thinking of you and sending love Francesca x

Hi Jenny. Sorry you are going through all this. Glad they have seen you quickly though to commence treatment. I hope you can take some time off work to allow yourself to recover. Amn xo

Dear Jenny, Sorry you are going through so much and really hope you feel better soon. Good on you for keeping going at your business I think you are amazing. Thinking of you, love from Dawn xxx

Yes Tina its all part of cancer generally that our blood can clot I know the symptons now pain in shoulder tender under breast bone feeling sick not able to breath easily and fainting feelings. All be very aware life threatening if left.

Love Jenny xxx

Hidden in reply to jennybutler

I didn't know that Jenny .. I hate that you have this xxx

So glad you are getting things sorted soon Jenny. What a nightmare. I can't believe the amount of symptoms and effects this b....y disease can cause. Lots of love and hugs xxxx Col

Thank you again for your very supportive messages really appreciate them all, have now got some steroids to give me some energy and improve my appetite seems to be working well, hope to get tummy drained this week.

love and hugs to you all.


So sorry you have all this trauma, Jenny. Hope you'll soon be much more comfortable and good to know the steroids are helping. Amazing that you're working through all this - I take my hat off to you.

Jill xxx

Jenny, sorry you are having to deal with even more problems but at least the hospital acted swiftly. Hope you manage to get your tum drained so you will feel more comfortable. Thinking of you.

Annette xxx


Hope you re feeling better soon and the steroids help. Thinking of you. Take care.

Sue x

Hi Jenny. I hope you will feel better after getting the ascites drained. I can really sympathise as I experienced a similar situation myself. In hospital I had consistently low blood oxygen, high heart rate and coughing but again no one followed up until I mentioned it and had an extra CT to confirm the blood clots in the lungs. Be patient, the clots will dissolve eventually and the blood thinners should prevent anymore from returning. I will be on blood thinners permanently so I assume this is something that your doctor will discuss with you if they haven't already. All the best, and I hope you feel better soon. xx

Hi Jenny

I hope the injections have kicked in and you are feeling better :-)

Elaine x

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