Here we go again Xx

Decided to call the hospital as i hadn't heard anything about appointments as at my last visit with my Onc she told me that i'd be back on chemo by the end of the month , so as i hadn't heard anything decided to call yesterday (25th) just to check on progress to get told .. oohh Sharon it says here ur in on the 27th .... followed by ooohh that's wednesday , nothing like getting prior warning eh lol so then followed a rushed appointment to get a tooth taken out (That's worse than the chemo lol ) that i was booked in for at end of week and my pre chemo bloods taken this morning .. ooh well at least haven't had much time think about things lol , Will let u know how things go xx

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  • Dear Sharon, you're on a whirlwind at the moment. What's happening that so many members are getting lost in the system at the moment?

    A few of us have been talking about support groups. Do you have good support up there?

    Hope tomorrow goes well.

    love Annie xxx

  • Just sending you good wishes for Wednesday love x G x

  • Hope everything goes well for you. Will keep fingers and everything else crosse.

    Love Chris x

  • Sending you a big hug and hoping all goes well on Wednesday.

    Love Karen xx

  • Hi Sharon! What a cock up! Poor you. Still, you're not spending the next two weeks worrying about it, that's the only up-side ;-) Wishing you all the best for Wednesday, let us know how things are going, we'll be sending you lots of cyber hugs and prayers :-o

    Love Wendy xx

  • Thanks Ladies , just heading off to bed now as i'm up at 5 to take my steroids lol so i'll let u all know how i get on x

  • A bit late but hope it goes ok today.

    Monique x

  • Me too. Hope it goes well Sharon xxx

  • Hope all goes well for you today. Good luck xxxx

  • Hope all goes well for you today. Good luck xxxx


  • Hope all has gone well for you today.

    Thinking of you and sending hugs your way.

    Hilary xx

  • Hope all went well.

    Love Janx

  • Thanks Ladies .. Well what a nightmare i had yesterday all started at 8.45 when i called hospital to check on transport there as no-one had turned up to get me at normal time as my appointment was at 11 in edinburgh ,about and hour from fife , on its way im told .. called again at 9.30 , hold tight i was told on its way ... got a call 10.03 eh theres been a mix up no transport was arranged can u find ur own way in i was asked but as my husband (seems weird saying that now lmao ) works and all his family there was no-one to take me as i dont drive , so was told they would get something arranged .. well they did eventually arriving at hospital at 1.15 rushed through checked bloods and finally started treatment at 1.30 ... now the gd bit is i feel absolutely great no reaction as of yet so looks like i'll be able to sing at this wedding i have with work tomorrow after all , was kind of worried i had to let a poor bride down , but looking gd for getting there .. so starting off similar to last time , here's hoping it follows the rest too xx

  • Hi there Sharon ,

    Goodness after the massive .....up its good to hear you have come through it ok far ...

    Hope the singing and wedding go off alright ....

    Love Jan xxxx

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