CA125 raised and having to play the waiting game!

I finished all my treatment including a course of Avastin in June 2013. I had been diagnosed 5/4/12 with stage 3c OC. I had a slight problem with the Avastin around treatment 15 so they stopped. I was and am fairly healthy as am a full time postie! After Christmas I started feeling not right with some bowel changes and some slight loss of weight despite not trying... I finally went back and just mentioned every thing at GP's who arranged a blood test as my CA125 had been a constant 17 during treatment and last taken. It came back at 52.. Back to consultant a little earlier than expected and had scan and another blood test 10 days later.... Now I am 77! Scan showed nothing, asked if it was the gallstones I apparently have and told no they hadn't grown moved or done anything! General opinion was to wait till June now for more tests and scans, I can't have scan with iodine as now allergic to it and as much as I try to make reasons as to other causes it won't go away! I now find I am getting stomach aches,that come and go and embarrassingly enough wind! I'm trying not to live with cancer and instead make it live with me and my plans but the niggle just won't go away, this has been going on for a month now, and just needed somewhere to get it of my chest... It is no good telling my husband my worries as he just works me up over questions I can't answer, then my son will end up hearing and we are already having problems and counselling for him as he isn't coping to well since all treatment over... I speak to the union bloke at work as he is really good and stands by me even with the managers who every so often gently try to say I shouldn't be there! I know it's business and I am covered by disability act but it is all helping to wear me down! So for a moan but I need that! I don't post on here often but read here regularly! Xx

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  • I am sorry you have this worry it is hard to wait and not know what's going on.

    It sometimes helps to come on and write it all down and as you know we all understand what you are going through even when it seems as though the whole world doesn't.

    Thinking of you and sending you my best wishes for a good outcome love x G x

  • Sorry you're having such a rough time of it, it's nerve racking to be worrying and waiting. It's hard when you feel you can't talk about how you feel too, you need to just rant sometimes, hope you feel a bit better by getting it out here, thinking of you and hope you'll get some positive news.

    Love Kaz x x

  • You will get through, your attitude good, I was on the wait and see then with in 2 weeks it went crazy waiting results of scan next week its always a worry when it comes back so quickly as yours and mine has. thinking of you .

    Love Jenny xxx

  • So sorry you are having to face this again so soon. I really hope it has helped to write it down and know that we will all know how you feel and support you as best we can. It's a year this month since I finished first round chemo and I have my check-up on Monday. I'm feeling ok but can't help but wonder what is happening inside me. I don't have bloods/scans as part of my check-up so it's just a chat and a feel at my tum! Thinking of you and wishing you well.

    Annette xxx

  • How awful that you had all the symptoms for two years and it wasn't picked up. Waiting for results is an anxious time, and you're not moaning - hope you feel better for getting it off your chest.

    Hope all will be well.

    Jill xxx

  • It's strange but you feel you know yourself when it's coming back long before they see anything on a scan. I think the numbers go up before anything is visible as that was the case with me. However I don't think the wind you're getting would be caused by anything sinister and it may cause stomach ache anyway. I think chemo really messes your bowels up for a long time after it, I know mine have never been the same since the surgery and chemo. Try not to worry as the CA125 is not fully reliable. If you're getting inflammation in your bowels this could cause it to rise. Lovis x

  • The problem with the wind is, unfortunately it was one of my original symptoms as I didn't show the way the symptoms are given out at the moment, I had bowel problems long before anything leading onto a prolapse which when fixed led to bladder problems. I never had pain or bloating or feeling full until the last 3 weeks before diagnosis. So this is why I worry.. Still I think it is easy to read something major into something that is nothing! Lol

  • Yes, I know. I've had a lot of pain in my liver area since the chemo so now I'm worried sick that the cancer has emerged in my liver. Your mind just goes frantic thinking of everything.x

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