The Waiting Game

Well ladies ,

3 month check went as i thought , consultant can't be sure what the pains are in my back but worst case scenario is that the tumours are growing again ... if it turns out that it is that , then she says that there is not going to be any point in chemotherapy .. 1 .. it didn't have the desired effect she was after (shrinking the tumours ) but it did stop it growing the length of time i was on it .. 2.. It has starting to grow again within 3 months of finishing treatment and 3 ..Its far to soon to go through another course of it , but if it is only a few tumours that are causing me the pain then they are talking about trying radiotherapy instead to see if that will work and shrink the tumours , so i've had my scan and now just awaiting my results which i get on the 30th .. god only knows what she is going to try next .. will keep u posted xx .

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  • Hi there .. I really hope something helps. In my case, stable disease is a good thing. I start treatment too very soon ., sending you every good wish I have .. Love Tina x x

  • Me too

  • Sending you a big gentle hug, with love Ally xx

  • Sorry to hear you are going through such a stressful time.

    Anne xxx

  • Dear Sharon

    What do I say? I hope so much the scan results show up what options are open for you. It sounds hopeful, doesn't it, that radiotherapy might be on the list? I'm hanging on to hear what you're offered on 30th.

    Meanwhile keep on rocking and singing up there.

    Sending loads of love xxx Annie

  • It certainly does Annie ,fingers crossed its an option and if it eases this pain in my back that's even better .. and oohh yeah i'll definitely keep on singing lol x

  • I feel I let the side down in Wales compared to you in Scotland and Una in N Ireland. Take care. xxxx

  • Oohh not at all Annie .. how could u think that ... watching u fighting gives us all a kick up the butt to follow lol x

  • Hi Shaz

    I had an MRI last year to check on my back pain and was relieved to find it was not tumours then, in May, at members day, prof McNeish told me that my form has never, to his knowledge, metastasised into the bones. I was relieved by that!

    I still have the pain though!


  • Hi Margaret which form do you have?? Linda x

  • I think it is High Grade endometroid Adenocarcinoma (that's what it says on my notes ) it is the commonest form.

  • Sharon that sounds a bit rubbish, am so sorry. But it may not be back, you don't have the answer to that yet. Guess the only thing to do is wait and see, and try to avoid all the what if's -- though easier said than done. I find it encouraging that the onc is already thinking of potential treatment paths, too, they haven't given up on you at all so don't let your mind put you there either.

    Doctor Music Is a great thing, huh? All that adrenaline...

    I haven't had a singing lesson in a while due to lack of funds :-( but am still singing away all the time.


    Sue xxx

  • Very true Sue .. my onc has been amazing all the way through .. she has always been open and upfront with everything .. so really thankful for that .. I've always know where I've stood .. and yeah if chemo isnt working shes already trying to find alternatives .. so shes not giving up just yet and neither am I lol x

  • Hi Sharon. Let's hope the pains in your back are nothing more than aching muscles from all that signing. Wait for your results before you worry. The onc will find a suitable treatment and you will be off singing again. Sending good vibes. Izzy xxxxx

  • Thanks ladies .. its true that u automatically go to worst case scenario .. it plays with ur head this disease .. I already suffer from back pain at the base of my spine .. always have .. but this is higher and feels different .. the onc discovered in my scan in Feb that it had spread to more of my lymph nodes in my back and thats why they had to start the treatment straight after my wedding .. these particular ones are the ones shes worrying about as they are threatening to block of the tubes to my kidneys .. but unfortunately the chemo didnt shrink them as she had hoped whichbwould obviously have given us more time so I was told to be aware of any change of pain and area .. .. but as u said .. I might be panicking over nothing .. so fingers crossed for the 30th xx

  • Hope you get good result from your scan and they can offer you further treatment if it's needed. Keep us up to date, we're all rooting for you!


    Annette xxx

  • Sending love and hugs. Best of luck. Xxxxx

  • Good luck and positive thoughts Sharon.

    Wendy xxx

  • Hi Sharon ,

    Just adding my good wishes and vibes for the 30th ..all coming your way and keep on with the singing ! Good for the soul xxxx

    Love Jan xxx

  • Lots of love and good wishes.

    Eileen xxx

  • Hi Sharon,

    hoping it isn't as bad as you fear. Thinking of you

    hugs Jackie xxx

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