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A waiting game


Hi all, was wondering if anyone is in the same boat. Went to see my gp last week who referred me for an urgent (cancer) abdominal scan after finding a large pelvic mass (equivalent size to a 20 week foetus). Blood tests came back with a ca125 level of 295 so he has now also urgently referred me to a gynaecologist. I have no other symptoms apart from a distended abdomen, not in pain, no changes in bowel movements etc. Am terrified this means ovarian cancer. Even if not this am also worried about having a hysterectomy- I am only 36 with no children. Not sure I wanted any but don't like to have the option taken away. Going out of my mind and no date for scan and gynaecologist appointment yet.

Is there anyone out there who has gone/ is going through this?

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Don't panic but do get checked out. It could possibly be fibroids. By the way love your Dally - lost my last one 4 years ago.


cesharpe in reply to 111173

Thanks Lynne- always nice to hear from another person mad enough to have a Dally!

Trying not to worry. Been a tough year- my partner lost his mother last October, mum diagnosed with breast cancer in february and aunt has rare form of dementia and is now on anti-psychotics. Just can't shake the feeling that there's more rubbish news to come!


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Hopefully you have had your fill of bad luck. Take your dog for a walk and relax!


with any luck its a fibroid.....then there are several options for treatment...fingers crossed...let us know! Chris x

Hi and welcome to the party.

There's no guarantee that it is OC without a biopsy, but at least you are being rushed through which is great. I have three children yet still had that moment of uh oh what if I want more, even though I know I didn't.

Even if it is bad news, and I really hope it's just raised levels through inflammation, you can still ask to have your eggs preserved or have a more conservative operation so no womb removal. There's lots of options, so don't worry about that side of things.

Hoping you get great news

LA xx

Thank you ladies for taking the time to reply- I now have a scan date for 19th July so have my fingers crossed. Will keep you posted.

Sending lots of love and light to all the troopers here X X

Hi cesharpe,

It is a worrying time and the wait is horrendous but you don't know yet what it is and it could be nothing. Even if it's not, we're here to support you and we've ovacome the dreaded C. Life won't end if you get bad news. We're all here as a testament to that.

Keep thinking the best because it won't help to think the worst.

Best wishes and hoping for the best.

Zena xx

Welcome to our forum. The waiting and worrying and wondering "what if" is really difficult, but the time will pass. It is to be hoped that you don't have ovarian cancer but your GP is doing the right thing by referring and all the appointments are likely to take place within two weeks. It would be helpful if you have the scan before your appointment with the gynaecologist. I didn't have the distended abdomen, only urinary frequency which for too long I put down to the normal effects of ageing.

I understand that you are less than happy that the chance of having children might be taken away, even if you don't really want any. We do like to be in control and not have decisions made for us.

Fingers crossed it's not bad news. Great dog photo!

The waiting game is probably the one thing that is the same with Ovarian Cancer Sisters, other wise we are all different and have our own journey to take. Hoping this is not the case for you. Keep in mind also, any research that you via the web is very outdated and many advancements have been made with the treatment of OC and. Write down your questions so you can have a more productive meeting when you do see the Doctor. If they do suspect Cancer please make sure you are seen by an Gyn/ONC if that is available in your area. They have a couple more years of study for gynecological cancers. worrying doesn't change anything, so make go use of the time and try to fill it with family and friends.

I hope you can come back and tell us it was a cancer FREE cyst. Please keep us posted.

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