Appointment at the care oncology clinic

I went to my appointment on Wednesday last week. The doc was lovely, very informative about all the drugs and the various different studies showing how the drugs work.

He was also very real with the possible outcomes of taking the drugs.. They are not a miracle cure more something to take alongside chemo to make it more effective and when not on chemo to take the drugs giving your body the ability to fight the cancer cells.

The whole aim of the drugs is to create an environment in your body which is hostile for cancer to thrive in... cutting of energy supplies to the cancer cells.

It made inordinate sense to both my brother and I and has allowed me to come to terms with the fact that maybe there is no cure for me ( I say this for me only!) But that there are ways of managing my condition. After having been on treatment for what seems like 2 years continuously if these drugs can give me a little break then so be it.

Love and best wishes to you all x

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  • Hi there you just have to go with what is right for you. I was offered delivery of said drugs if I did a skype interview with COC and I declined because everything was happening very fast. A yacht would bring the drugs to me and I would hand money over at a nearby popular sea resort. I already take a statin so that is a benefit according to them but then they said I would have to take a statin that was their protocol. So for now, I eat healthy, walk, and hope my next scan is still stable if not I have to deal with the consequences

  • Good luck to you hun X

    He did say about the type of drugs and the quality of them working best to deal with the job at hand.

  • I am working with a German dr who has me on some of these drugs. However, the dosages seem to be very different to what the COC are suggesting. Would you be happy to tell me the dosages you are on? I didn't know they did Skype calls which is handy to know.

  • Of cause...

    Metformin 500mg twice daily

    Atorvastatin 40mg × 2 tablets before bed

    Mebendazole 100mg once daily

    Doxycycline 100mg once daily.

    Mebendazole and Doxycycline taken on alternative months.

    Can I ask do you visit clinic in Germany or do you speak to them on the phone? Also what drugs do they give? How long have you been on the protocol and how have you coped with it?

  • Hi

    Do you mind me asking if you are treated by your oncologist at HW hospital in Bucks? You don't live too far away from me and I wondered if we had the same oncologist and how they reacted to you going to the Care Oncology Clinic?



  • Yes I am.... she was not pleased but then I find her very difficult to get on with if I'm honest.

    I would be happy to meet and discuss it if you would like x

  • Hi

    I would love to meet up but unwell at the moment. Having blood tests etc. Will be in touch when this is sorted.

    Thank you


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