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After being diagnosed with the BRACA1 gene at 62yrs I had the removal of the tubes and ovaries + flush out 10th Feb, due to a bleed the surgeon had to put 4 internal dissolving stitches into the largest portal, he said that they were tight!! I am still in a lot of sharp burning pain when i bend, he has rescanned me, there is no infection or hernia. Ovaries had serious cysts on them, but fortunately non cancerous. Has anyone else experienced this pain 5 weeks after surgery, how long will it last, what was the outcome. I am now becoming worried.

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Hello Spoton,

I am sorry to hear you still have so much pain. You have had a pretty big op, and it does take a long time for the healing process to complete itself, especially the internal healing. I had my op last October, and still have some pain and discomfort now and then. Five weeks ago is not very long in the scheme of things! I'd say give yourself a bit more time, but keep in touch with your medics when or if you are worried.

A lot of the ladies on here suggest ringing the Ovacome nurses and I believe they give excellent advice and put your mind at rest. That might be an idea too.

All the best for a painfree better future!



Hi Spoton

Definitely agree with the above advice. Even if the operation is completely without complications pain after a month is not unexpected . So, particularly since you have been checked out by your doctor , it might just be a case of just resting even more. Look on it as lots of you time to chill out and take lots of care of yourself. Perhaps give Ruth a call on Monday for extra reassurance.

Best wishes xxxx


I would have to agree with the other ladies. 5 weeks is not long to be pain free following major surgery. it just takes time. you will get there. all the best. Ann


Try homeopathy Arnica 30 and Bellis Perennis 30. My Mum has had surgery and was moving freely within days with the help of homeopathy. Or call Helios or Ainsworths Homeopathics for advice.

Also miraculous is Ancient Minerals magnesium spray, worth its weight in gold when it comes to aiding healing and detoxing!

All the best, Emma


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